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I am lucky enough to have my own range. It allows me the freedom to practice shooting on the move, drawing from a holster, i.e. dynamic shooting. Because of this, I hadn’t been to an indoor range in many years.

Living where I do, the hot dry summer weather sometimes keeps me from using my range due to fire danger. So yesterday, when I got the itch to shoot, I took my carry gun (PPS Classic in 9mm) to the local indoor range. I usually finish off all my shooting sessions with my carry gun, but it’s been a while since I really focused on it. This little gun shoots! It’s accurate, flat shooting and comfortable to shoot, especially for its small footprint.

Because I had no other option but to stand at the line and statically shoot, I found myself really concentrating on the fundamentals of shooting. It was a good lesson.

I think I will make this a dedicated aspect of my continued training.

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Well, that is surely the best of both worlds. Static practice and draw/transition. Those of us in the city envy that range where one can be a little more "active." We spend a lot of time "concentrating" on fundamentals while we're standing there statically lobbing rounds at 10-15 yrds.

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