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I have EDC pocket carried the 938 for over 3 years now in a sticky holster as well as a Winthrop OWB holster. It is a great gun and I am very accurate with it. I only use the 7r extended mags. I recently got the 365 gen2 and I love it. I am still getting used to its POI but it is coming in (500 rounds currently vs 3000+ in the 938) The 10 round pinky fits good and the 12r extended fits even better. The grip is incredible on the 365 but my Houge on the 938 feels good as well. The 365 comes out of my pocket much easier and the trigger does not wear on my finger like the 938 does after high round counts. I like both very much. The 938 has an rare engraved slide so I want to carry the 365 so I don't wear out the slide on the 938. The 938 has shown feed and extraction issues and the lower was recently replaced due to a cracked frame. (one of the reasons to pull the trigger on the 365) Time will tell if it fixed the issues. Between the 2, I will have to edge towards the 365 just a bit. No problems so far with the 365 and the 938 has ran 150r with no issues since the frame was replaced.

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P938 Engraved slide with rosewood grips
P365 Gen 2
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I have both also and prefer the striker fired P365 for EDC. Just not real comfortable carrying any cocked & locked pistol. A few extra round don't hurt either!

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Originally posted by pm9:
Lot's of questions to be asked.

Which do you shoot best using two hands, strong hand, weak hand?
(I shoot right hand trigger when both hands. I am very good with single hand as well, almost better)

Which can you quickly point shoot accurately?

How concerned are you that you may need a lot of ammo without a reload?
(I carry a second 7r mag on my hip with 938. The 12r is on my hip for the 365)

How do you carry?
Mostly Pocket in sticky holster. The 385 comes out better than the 938)

How concerned are you about lint getting into or snagging the hammer during your draw while carrying your cocked and locked 1911 style pistol?
(I work construction and am always cleaning debris from the fire pin. One of the reasons for going to the striker fired 365)

Are you insistent on having a thumb safety?
I like the safety of the thumb, as long as you practice to drop it when pulled. In a good sticky, I am not concerned with no safety of the 365)

Probably a bunch more but these are a good beginning.
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I have carried a 938 for a few years. Fantastic pistol, flat light and accurate. My biggest complaint is the spare magazines shed rounds in my pocket. And I really don't like polymer framed striker fired pistols...
That being said, I got my hands on a 365 (not an easy thing to do here in Ca.) and really like it. It has replaced my 938 for everyday carry, and even larger pistols I have carried in perceived higher threat environments due to its 10rd capacity, the limit in Ca. It feels good in the hand, recoil is manageable, and is discreet and easy to carry
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I purchased the P938 a couple of years ago and it is a fantastic little pistol. Absolutely zero issues with it and it very accurate considering its size. Unfortunately, my wife loves 1911's so she wanted to try it out not too long after I purchased it.... Now she has a new P938. Mine!

My daughter got her CCW permit and I let her rent several pistols at the range and she liked Shield M2.0 the best so I got her one when she got her Masters degree. It shot very good as well and I would have no problem carrying it either, especially after I put an Apex trigger kit and Trijicon HD sights on it for her.

Not too long after that Sig released the P365 and I held off on it until about a week ago. I love it and after I put the Hogue beavertail grip on it I like it even better. Yes, I am let my wife try it out and she still likes "Her" P938 better and I'm perfectly happy with that. I think both are great options but I prefer the P365.
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Strong, Don't understand the "ten rounds". However, if this will help.
My P365 with twelve rounds in the mag and one in the chamber weighs 1:7.45 oz. I carry Underwood +P+
Defensive ammo. These are a wee bit lighter than most other 9mm HP's.
Stay safe
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