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Quick Question: I tried installing my DPMS 210 Recoil System into my P-210 Target...about 1 year old. The original recoils spring is fine, and I wanted the added bonus of saving it and having a more durable recoil system from DPMS to enjoy.
I used the thin washer and shortest spring. I found it much stiffer to install than the original, but got it in place and everything back together.
The slide felt stiffer and I assumed the recoil could be better handled.
BUT the slide stop and hold open function wouldn;t work. Put in an empty mag, rack the slide, and it didn't stay open.
Take the slide out, rack the slide and it would stay open. The slide stop lever seemed jammed "down" and wouldn't rotate upward.
I took it all apart and made sure everything was seated OK and it repeated the failure to hold open and lever "binding".
I reinstalled the original recoil rod and spring, and everything worked fine.
So now I have an entire DPMS 210 Recoil System that apparently doesn't work in my 210.
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Looking at the product page, their labelling notes, "only for 98.3mm length guide rod..." If your OEM rod is shorter, that may be the issue. The fix might be as simple as trimming springs, but you'll have to play with them.
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No suggestions on a fix. Only input is I have 2 of their systems in a Walther and Glock, they cycle and function properly, and great recoil reduction.

Contact them with you problem, they may have packed the wrong springs. At the cost of the DPMS system,they should help you.

I've found after firing the guns with DPMS, they get even smoother.

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Used the same parts and mine is working perfectly. Verify you got the right kit?
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