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I just got a Sig P238 in a private sale, it was born in 2011. It shoots very well. I was told there is a mainspring and trigger spring kit now available for pre-2016 models that Sig will install for as price, in order to upgrade my pistol. Can anyone enlighten me on this and the particulars?
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The fact that the gun is 8 years old I don't think it would hurt to have springs updated; depending on the cost.

If it were me, I would call Sig and find out what is available as far as rebuilding it and if you do, they may give a warranty with it.
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My P238 is a 2010 vintage and aside from custom grips and extended magazines, the only thing I've done is to use the replacement revised flat wire recoil springs Sig came out with. (3 packs are #RSS-238).

The P938 experienced issues with the MSH (mainspring housing) which prompted some P238 owners to want theirs replaced as well despite no issues. That apparently led to the Gen 2 mods for the P938 being extended to the P238. If you send yours back to Sig they'll do the following:
- Perform FSP
- Updated MSH, Hammer, Sear, & Extractor
- Updated Magazine Catch Spring
- Polish Feed Ramp
- Test Fire w/ FMJ & JHP

Personally I've seen no need.

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I recently purchased an older P238. The M Carbo spring kit, and Gray Guns trigger greatly improved the trigger pull. Lighter and smoother. I don't have a way to test the trigger to prove the numbers but I'd guess it's 30-40% lighter than stock.
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