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Hands down I am most proficient with my P226 SSE 357 Sig w/Sig custom trigger job.

Close second is a tie between:
Dan Wesson ECO 9mm
P220 38 Super American (trigger not as good as the P226)

Any of these three will get the job done.
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An STI Ranger II in 9mm.
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S&W model 19-5 with cowboy action loads Smile


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This one.


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Now in Florida
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I've always thought that my P229 SAS gen 2 fits my hand perfectly and just feels right. It's a great shooter.
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Although it doesn’t feel best in my hand, I group the best with a Beretta 92.
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In an auto pistol, I've always done better with a 1911...both for slow fire and at speed.

In a revolver, it's a Smith M19 or M66 with a 4" bbl. Grips make a difference here and those Hogue finger groove ones are the ticket. Fugly, yep but in DA and SA, their the best for me. Rod

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Toss up between my S&W 41 and my Python with my Gen 1 17 coming in hot on their heels. All three had many, many rounds through them before they came to me, so they’re as worn-in and mechanically smooth as one would want. Not collector museum pieces, but legit shooters, and boy do they shoot.
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The P220-10mm is the most accurate pistol I've ever owned. Consistently so, with hand loads or full power Underwood. The weight and balance of the gun tames the Underwood ammo very nicely.

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hello darkness
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My glock 19 is great. Love all my Sig 220's, 226's, and 229.
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P225 followed by a Browning HP.

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Res ipsa loquitur
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It’s hard to beat the HK P7 series.


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Beretta LTT Elite.
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Amazingly enough a Smith model 28 Highway Patrolman. I have owned (and own) lots of different pistols, mostly automatics. I have been shooting automatics since I was ten years old. Then about 10 years ago I got a 4" M28 and went to the range with a friend of mine out in 29. Six 158gr SWC loaded into my first cylinder. All fired double action. All went into a cloverleaf at 10 yards. I literally looked at the pistol, looked at the target, and looked at my buddy. He said "well I think you have found your gun".

I shoot that gun better than ANYTHING I own, revolver, auto, whatever. Whether it's loaded with 38's or 357's it does not matter.

Channeling my own inner General Patton, that's my "killing gun" Smile
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I have to say it would be the Archon Type B for my striker fired pistol...and My CZ Accu Shadow for my DA/SA...

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Another vote for the 1911 for me. Full-size, steel frame.

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this one is amazingly easy to shoot well. second in accuracy, as well. only my Sig Scorpion 1911 is more accurate.


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P228 followed by my HK45.
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slam fires
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Originally posted by 104RFAST:
S&W 39-2 followed by M&P 2.0 9mm

That 39-2 is a dandy one,do you have any extra mags you might sell ?
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My Springfield 1911 TRP.
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