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I have a hellcat with a 507k that's been a great shooter. Love the gun and it carries great. So I'm a touch confused that I find myself wanting a Glock 48MOS or maybe a 43x baby Roland. I love my 19 so a slimmer version with apparently reliable shield mags should be great but it is larger than my hellcat. On paper, this doesn't make a ton of sense. I did recently complete Glock basic and advanced and I always want to pick up another Glock afterwards so maybe that's it?

Any thoughts besides its a glock as to why it might be an interesting pickup?
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Justice Forever
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Not sure I’ll be much help. For the life of me I cannot decide whether I like my 43x, 48 or 19.5 MOS the best. So, I’ll just keep them all.

At the same time, my little G42 sees a lot of carry time even as my back up while in uniform. My P228 I won from Q is right up there with all of them, though.
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I love my 43x with the shield mags if I could have only one that would be it, probably followed up by a 48 then a 19. the 19 feels like a brick after shooting the 43x it is a tad bit softer though.

considered getting a 48 several times but with just a slightly larger barrel it's tough to see the difference, wouldn't mind trying a mos
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I want a 43xMOS real bad. Rumor is that Streamlight is making a light based on it and the 48mos.
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I sold my dot equipped hellcat and picked up the 48 MOS. Have a 365 for a small gun.
The Shield rmsc fit the 48 perfectly.
It's a glock so I did have to change the sights, even with the dot. Added the Shield 15 rd magazines, the mag catch as well.
Nice slim package. High capacity and full 4 inch barrel. Shoots great. Much less flip than the hellcat.
I'm happy with the upgrade.
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Think of the G48 as a Colt LW Commander for this century.
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Big Stack
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You seem to have the G48 bracketed with guns you already own. Would the G48 add anything? Do you carry our G19, and does the width cause any issues?
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