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229 DAK. My wife loves DAK. It's DA but much lighter and smoother.

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If she liked the P320, maybe try one with a different frame size that might fit her hand better. If she becomes accepting of a non Sig pistol, the G19 is a good alternative. The frame can be modified to fit just about any hand size.

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Originally posted by Scurvy:
cliffs at the bottom.

Mrs. Scurvy went to a girl with a gun event a couple of weeks ago to go shooting for the first time. She has a total blast and we've since gone to a few stores to shop some options and went to the range to rent stuff for her to try.

Her first time she shot my p226 .22 which she liked fine and she shot her friend's Glock (17 or 19, don't remember) which she thought was ok.

Obviously, being a Sig family, I wanted her to try a P320 which she liked a lot after handling at the store.

Took her to the range yesterday to rent and this is where things got interesting.

We rented a p239, p320, p229 and a M&P (don't ask, I let her go rent the last one and she went off someone's suggestion).

The p239 was a little too small and wasn't comfortable for her to handle.

She liked the P320 just fine but she LOVED the p229. She shot it the best and liked the feel the best.

The problem is, she HATED the double action pull. Not really a problem for range time but this is going to be her home defense gun if I'm not home (the p220 is a little big for her).

There are still other guns I want her to try like the VP9.

So what would be a good compromise? Something that handles and feels like a p229 but does not have a double action pull.

TL;DR, wife loves the p229 but hates the double action pull. She likes the p320 just okay. What would you suggest she try?

So is a P238 or P938 out of the question.. Just throwing it out there.. :-)

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Kahr K9 or P9?

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My wife loves her XD sub compact in 9mm. She's shot a bunch and it's what she hits well with.

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The p239 was a little too small and wasn't comfortable for her to handle.

Sounds like the little ones are out of the question...for now.

A P239 was too small? Hmm...

Appears like a SAO Legion is indeed the way to go. Or perhaps a CZ75B SAO.

My 2¢ when it comes to DAK: sure DAK setups are another option though frankly I can't stand 'em and fail to see the point at all with them. To me it's counter-intuitive and overly fussy in how it operates. TWO resets, with the lighter of the two pull weights accessible only upon the second, furthest reset (letting the trigger pretty much all the way out). Sure there's the shorter first reset and subsequent pull action, but its 8lbs+/- break isn't quite the same as the 5lb SA pull on a DA/SA SIG. Plenty of practice and training is required with any gun, but these DAKs requires far more IMHO. Since she's a new shooter your wife could adapt more quickly with no preconceived habits and previous muscle memory to recondition or tear down, but IMO there are better, simpler solutions available.

The HK P30 V1 LEM is one of those better choices. If that grip seems too small, the USPc with the light LEM is also available. They're not SIGs, but they ARE HKs, and in quite a few circles they're arguably considered superior, especially if carry ever becomes a 'thing' to deal with down the road. I certainly like how they shoot, and do I wish I had 20/20 hindsight to have bought the variant instead of the P30 V3 DA/SA I now own.

You had mentioned in a subsequent post that this gun in addition for range use will be a HD gun. To be frank I'd choose another tool for that latter role and suggest a 20GA Mossberg SA-20 semi. I got a chance to shoot one owned by an acquaintance a couple of days ago and damn, do I want one now. Recoil is easily manageable, it doesn't beat one up at all and with the diversity of shells available it'll do the HD role far more effectively than any handgun. To me it's an expedient, versatile and superior solution to my Mossberg 500 or a 12GA semi like the 930 I had been considering as the 500's replacement. Perfectly suitable for man, woman and adolescent.

Another alternative: a Commander size 1911 in 9mm. Alloy frame if steel seems too heavy. To me there are few pivoting triggers that are as good as an average quality linear-travel 1911 trigger. Downside to the Legion, P30 or CZ is that she's surrendering firepower in case that intruder has an accomplice or two in tow, but it'll give you (or an instructor) the chance to train her on mag reloads... Wink
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2022 in 9mm. The DA pull is much better and handles similarly

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She needs to shoot more before she can really say what she likes and dislikes.

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Was the P229 a DAO or a DA/SA? I know there are a bunch of DAO and DAK P229's floating around out there.

I ask because her main complaint about the P239 was the size, not the trigger. Most P239's have the DA/SA trigger.

I wasn't crazy about the DA pull on my guns for the first year or so that I was shooting. I started practicing the DA pull while dryfiring and double taps from the "hammer down", decocked position. After not too long the DA pull became second nature. It was a matter of strengthening the muscles in my index finger.

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Originally posted by Ryanp225:
She needs to shoot more before she can really say what she likes and dislikes.

I concure. My wife shot one of my P210s in the beginning and after two classes in target shooting she decited to give up center fire pistol in favor of Olympic pistol shooting, bought a .22 cal. Morini pistol (much better then my Hämmerli) from her own budget and is using the P210 only for Feldschiessen. It would have been a waste of money if I would have chosen for her.
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Originally posted by Tommydogg:
I bought a Sig Pro, shit it once and my wife shot it the next outing and now refers to it as her gun. I guess it's a perfect gun for her. Try one on.

So now we know it was you!


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Well, I guess I'll be the ass. When you say she is "getting into shooting" that is going to cover a lot of ground. What are her plans? Concealed carry? Training quite a bit? The two of you taking some training classes together? Games?
Without knowing some of the information, it's hard to say what you should do. It's easy to play along, and all of us add in our preferences of our guy gun favorites, but this decision is about her, and not our preferences.

A bit of a primer.
If her intentions are just to hang out with you, and occasionally go to the range, or get a concealed carry permit, I'd say steer clear of a DA/SA gun. Simpler is better. Align the sights, point, click. No decocking, no DA/SA, no more bells and whistles to confuse her when a little stress gets put on to ruin the occasional trip to the range. Winners? Glock 19, M&P 2.0, 320 of your choice.

If she wants (not you, she wants) to become a semi serious student, possible shoot some gun games, the 229 is a great choice. To someone who is a casual user, the DA pull is confusing. It is no harder to learn than a safe action, it is just different.

Mouse guns are not a good choice either. G43s, Shields, or J frames. They are just less enjoyable for trips to the range. A full sized pistol chambered in 9mm is a pleasure to shoot. This keeps newer shooters wanting to come back. And I think that is what it is all about.


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Appreciate the info but I think most of these questions have been answered in the thread.

She's learning to shoot pistols. The main focus is fun at the range with a side of HD.

She doesn't want a mouse gun, she wants something big enough to be fun to shoot but not so big that she can't reach any of the controls.

She has a 20ga upstairs for HD but she would like a pistol to have around close by if I am out of town on business.

This thread is about me reporting on what preferences she is showing so I can get recommendations on what to have her try so we can narrow it down further.

I personally have not paid attention very closely to the pistol market over the last several years. I have my SIG classics that I love to shoot and don't really look to stray from so I've only taken a passive interest in the latest and greatest. My last pistol purchase was my P226 .22 and that was probably 5 years ago which I got solely because my P220 and P229 .40 were getting to costly to shoot.
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CZ SP01 Shadow....sao edition.
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Originally posted by Kskelton:
Have her try out a Walther PPQ, one of the best trigger pulls I've ever felt. The only negative I've heard from anybody is the grip. I like the grip so that's all personal preference, but as far as functioning and trigger pull I've never heard a bad comment.

I have a 5" PPQ and I couldn't get it to fit me quite right with any of the backstraps. I was going to sell it for a 320 of some sort when my wife decided she wanted to try it out. The first thing she noticed was how easy it was to rack the slide. She has problems racking any of my P-series, but the PPQ feels really light in that regard. It fits her hand well with the medium backstrap and she shot it pretty well, so it is now hers.

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Originally posted by Skins2881:
Originally posted by Tommydogg:
I bought a Sig Pro, shit it once and my wife shot it the next outing and now refers to it as her gun. I guess it's a perfect gun for her. Try one on.

So now we know it was you!

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Sticking to iron-sight pistols:

Wife shoots PPQ-M2 4" 9mm in IDPA with reduced weight recoil spring. She has also liked P320SC9, P238, and the easy to operate and accurate CCP.

The humdrum Ruger American series, the much better FNS9C, and the too short PPS-M2 will be too difficult to rack.

In addition to the PPQ series, Canik has a similar pistol TP9SF series) and lower cost.

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Originally posted by sigmonkey:
Helping SIG decide the next market move.

His wife likes the P229, and hates the D/A, so this is a "must have".

Maybe SIG is listening...

Monkey, I'd love it! IMHO they'd sell more than a basket full of them, especially if they put the same effort into the trigger that they did on the P226 SAO Legion.


And I'll be happy to signup for the first TWO off the production line! LISTEN UP SIG!

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I'd wouldn't "get" her anything. I'd let her pick her pistol.
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My wife loves my S&W Shield in 9mm. Not a Sig but you get her what SHE wants.


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