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Why are you hoping this option is never offered? Is choice a bad thing? And LE trainers aren't really an authority. I have seen training change radically over 4+ decades. LE follows funding, fashion and politics. And yes, I have been in SD situations at bad breath differences, but I was not armed in these specific circumstances. A body alarm and my hands were it.
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Big Stack
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As I state above, I like the concept of a manual safety, especially on a poly-striker gun. And I know this feeling is FAR from universal.

If I were a gun manufacturer, I'd design the action to take a manual safety as an add on kit. The basic action would be designed so that the kit could easily be installed. The polymer for the frame would be designed with knock-outs where the safety levers would go.

This way dealers wouldn't have to stock multiple SKUs of each gun (safety and non-safety.) They could sell the gun, and if the buyers wants a safety, sell them a kit (and installation if the buyer doesn't want to DIY.)

Everybody could get what they want.
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Why would someone "hope never"? You can always get the safety version if you want it, or the version with out it if you prefer. Options for different needs.

Having a manual safety can be beneficial in the areas of off body carry, admin handling, or when holstering. Keeping the safety engaged when holstering is like riding the hammer on a TDA/DAO gun.
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This is an emotional issue. In VN aviators were issued .38 special revolvers, not because they were safer, but because in the case of an ejection or forced landing hands and arms were often injured and one might need a one hand operable handgun, also they used the small .38 caliber flares that were big enough to mark your position and small enough not to be noticed by the BGs if they were not nearby.
I carried a Browning HP, cocked and locked. 13 extra chances to make it back, maybe. It was all stock, with the small safety, but I trained to snap it off whenever I presented it (new term for drawing it). Still do, with better accessories, holsters, magazines and so forth, still an excellent weapon.

The Islamic terrorist express: Go directly to Allah, do not pass hell.
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Brian 87
You're splitting hairs. The two accomplish the
same end.
I don't care how hard and often you practice disengaging that safety when a second is what
you have to save your life all you're going to do is point and pull. I've been there.
If you'll check with Smith & Wesson how may LE ordered their M&P's with a manual safety to those that ordered no manual safety you'll understand.
Lets not engage in a pissing contest here.
Stay safe
Poli Viejo
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Notice how you can see his belt, which is not covered by shirt. I think using one of those tuckable holsters. Video not good, but wonder if he was tucking in shirt as he holstered and some of shirt got inside holster as result.

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