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Now that I've attached an ArmaLaser TR27G green laser to my SIG P365, I'm looking for an IWB holster for those days when pocket carry isn't practical. I contacted my favorite holster makers, Hidden Hybrid, who told me they only make holsters for the P365 with either Crimson Trace or LIMA, and that neither would fit the ArmaLaser. So, I'm left looking.

I do NOT want Kydex. Leather is okay, but honestly, I'd like something like a Sticky holster with belt clip(s). There's one for the P938 on Amazon, but they don't seem to have an equivalent for the P365. (Link is provided for viewing example).

What's a guy to do?

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All of my "sticky" holsters are Remora.
I ASSUME he's still in business.
He replaced one that lost it's stickyness, under lifetime warranty.
How do you like your Armalaser?
I couldn't find much, in the way of reviews on them
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