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Did Sig ever make a 220 in 10mm in SAO with the 4.4" barrel? I'm finding Elites in stainless with the 5" barrel and I'm finding Kryptek camo with the 5". The Legion is available in 10mm with the 4.4" barrel but is only DA/SA.

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I thought all 10mm were 5 inch barrels. The legion is listed on sig site as having 4.4, but that is for the 45 variant. The legions I have looked over had 5 inch barrels
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I think they must have, early on, because Blade-Tech has a holster available for it. They have two SIG 10mm holsters, and neither is on their holster list. You have to call to get it. When I called, I said I had a P220-10mm SAO, and I received the holster for a 4.4" bbl. I called to return it, and they said I should have specified the P220-10mm with 5" bbl. So their descriptions are a bit messed up, but they do make the 4.4" bbl holster.

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Most of the Gray Guns conversions were based on the 4.4 inch architecture. I haven't seen any of the Sig variants that weren't 5 inch. Guess I need to shop around more.

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Hi! I have not seen a factory 220-10 in 4.4”. I do not believe SIG has made them. Thanks for asking.


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