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It is made of melted concertina wire forged into the perfect compromise of size and weight, lubricated by the souls of the vanquished.

Or...steel and Al alloy. I guess it's the latter. Wink

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S&W 6946 retro excellence.

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If it is winter, either a 228 or 229. Other seasons, my S&W Shield 9mm. And the Shield is the only plastic gun that I like.
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All stainless steel, thank you SIG.
It's a 220 Elite DA/SA 10mm, and is on my right side daily. You tupper ware freaks can be happy all day long, but no thanks here.

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Steel and plastic... I have options -- Kahr MK9, G43, and a Shield.
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3 pages and no pics? Big Grin

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I don't know man I
just got here myself
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Alloy and steel CZ P 01


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Originally posted by Mike the Texan:
Originally posted by 12131:
You left out choice "Both". Wink

Schrodinger's pistol?

Plastic for me: a G26 fits the bill for capacity and concealability.

If it's Schrodinger's pistol, does that mean you don't know what your carrying until you pull it out of the holster or that you don't know if it's loaded until you pull the trigger?

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I don't own any polymer/plastic guns so it's metal for me all the way.

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I voted no clue.

You were not specific to day of the week or what I am wearing.

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I love the feel of steel each and every day!!!!
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320RX Compact in 9mm or a G26.
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I have both plastic and metal in my carry rotation.

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Both...sometimes a Walther PPS but I just got a S&W 3913NL, so I may try that for a while
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