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I feel like I'm a part of dying gun club, the guys that like the feeling or heft of a metal gun. The current market is flooded with polymer framed carry guns. There is still metal (steel... very rare, alloy/aluminum more common). I wonder how many actually still carry a metal framed gun. Not what's your favorite range toy made of, but what's the gun on your ankle, in the waistband, or shoulder holster made of.

What is the frame of your carry gun made of?

No clue

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Both. Generally a poly gun- a Glock for quite a long time and now a VP9SK but I do also have a P938 for when I need something smaller.
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Poly frame, typically my Walther PPS or Gen 2 Glock 19. Weight savings and ability to remain reliable with minimum lubrication are big advantages for me.

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Mine's alloy, but I would carry a plastic fantastic just as fast. Even a fairly light gun gets heavy if you are on your feet for long periods of time. (Albeit, I can use a better belt)

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Gen4 G17 for a while, recently got rid of it. ANOTHER Gen4 G19! I had several G19's through the years, PERFECT carry gun!
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1911, either steel-frame Government or alloy-frame CCO. Sometimes an alloy-frame S&W snub.

I don't think you'll garner many "I have no clue" votes among the membership here. Smile

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4513TSW. Aluminum frame and stainless steel slide. Hammered fired goodness in a good looking reliable package. Regards 18DAI

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1911 all steel.

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Glock 43 or 19.

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P938 or a P228. I'm working a Ruger LW Commander into the rotation. No polymer here.


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43 or p2000.

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I have 2 primary carry guns, a P320 compact 45 and an H&K 45C.
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My CCW is made of Freedom and Liberty.

Well that and some stainless steel.
(P226 SSE)

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Polymer frame(s) here: G43 or G19, depending on weather and attire.
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I was using a Ruger LC9S Pro and recently replaced it with a Honor Guard for spring/summer carry. Winter I use a P320 SC grip module with compact slide.
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High tech, high impact, techno poly.......ahhh hell with it plastic. Smile.

Hammer fired HKs (P2000, P2000sk, P30 with a rare Walther PPS)

On very rare pocket occasions it would be an alloy or steel J-Frame.

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Uh, that polymer stuff.
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G27...pretty much sums it up Razz


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P250 .45 compact.

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You left out choice "Both". Wink
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