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I bought a G21 police trade in. It only came with one mag, but the price was cheap for a Glock. It was dirty with tons of lint inside, but it cleaned up nice and shoots and looks brand new on the outside. Came with night sights too. The added price of an additional mag still made the price much cheaper than I’ve ever seen.

Yours looks like a Gen3. Mine is a Gen4.

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Originally posted by RNshooter:

Warranty form PDF at the bottom of the page.


GLOCK, Inc. guarantees its pistols against defects in materials and workmanship that adversely affect their operation for a period of one (1) year from the date of their original purchase by the initial consumer. ????
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Looks like boilerplate lawyer stuff.
They seem to guarantee them beyond forever. I have never had to pay for anything on any of the beaters I have sent in for work.


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For real?
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I sent in a dozen old Glock 21 mags for evaluation and Glock sent me back new gen4 mags.

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Originally posted by whisky22:
I am debating getting one from a local shop but only comes with 1 mag. I know mags are inexpensive. Do agencies normally get supplied 3 mags and do they only trade them in with 1? Or do shops get 3 and only sell you 1 and keep the other 2 for themselves?

Unless it's an "unissued" pistol, it is typical for police trade-in pistols to come with one magazine.
It should not be a deal-breaker.
Genuine Glock mags are inexpensive.
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