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Don’t make the mistake I made and don’t patronize due to bad customer service. Owner is arrogant when communicating. Don’t believe me? Do a Google search on ‘ review’.

I recently purchased an old Sig Sauer P220 W. German made and grips came with Hogue wrap arounds grips. Needed to upgrade the grips and found

Looked at the website and had P220A grips. My mistake was that I didn’t read the fine print. I was under impression that P220A is for American made mag release model. If you been around a while, you know that early Sig P220 had the European heel mag release. According to website, the P220A is for American made.

Ordered and received grips for $89.00 and $8.00 shipping. They were nice looking wood grips. When I tried to install the grips, they didn’t fit. There’s an area on the grip where the hammer spring strut is blocking and makes the pistol inoperable when the grips are installed. I contacted was told these grips do not fit the West German made P220s. I went to the website and sure enough, it stated American made. There were no warnings or any information on the website that these grips only fit American made P220 and no notes that they do not fit West German made or any indication of Sig manufactured code (eg KF, KG that it fits). at this time informed me that Sig Sauer made a design change on the hammer strut spring and these will not fit. I can bring the grips to a gunsmith and have them altered. But if I altered them, the grips are no longer returnable or refundable. At this time, I could have brought out my dremel and milled the wood part out so that the hammer strut spring would clear wood area. But having paid $97.00, I feel they should fit.

I contacted about returning the grips or exchanging the grips for my H&K P7. I was told that I can get credit and they will send me a paypal request for the difference of the price between P220 and P7. We were good. I Was told they may charge a $10.00 or 10% restocking fee if the grips were not altered and were not installed. Well, I had installed the grips and that’s how I found out they don’t fit. So I contacted and provided details photos of the installed grips and inquired as to whether I will have to pay the restocking fee as I wanted to come clean that I did install the grips however they still look new with no damages. There were some handling marks on the inner facing wood area where the hammer strut spring made contact with the wood. Their response was ‘We’ll still inspect the set, but unless there is damage there shouldn’t be any issues’.

I proceed with the return. I contacted after 4 days of receipt of the return grips.

Next thing I know is that I get a Paypal notification that I received credit in the amount for $79.00 and NO Explanation what so ever as to why I was assessed the restocking fee as I previously provided photos of the return grips. No mentioned of credit toward P7 grips as I wanted to happen.

So buyer be aware! Owner of practice in deceit and bad customer service. If the grips they sell fits, it is fine. But if there is problem with the grips, don’t expect customer service. If you do a google search, there are many complaints out there.
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I've bought many sets of Grips4u and have never had issue one with them or the company.
I also know many others here have also had good luck with them.
Really don't think your "Beware of grips4u" is justified here.
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I believe it’s justified. I purchased grip panels for my P225 from them that we’re flimsy and also got the run-around. Buyer beware.
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Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I’ve bought half a dozen sets of grips from them over the years and the quality and fit has always been excellent. I’ve also called them with questions about grips beforehand and the best way to maintain the wood and they were very congenial and informative. My personal experience has always been thumbs-up.

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I've had no issues with grips for my Beretta or SIGs from them. But I've never had to contact them for returns, so no experience with their customer service.

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Just received set for my Beretta 85F/S Cheetah yesterday. Fit great and look mint!
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If you're going to complain about a vendor, you need to check first with management.



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