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I went through many ccw guns before finally settling on the P365. I had a Shield, both gen 1 and 2 but could never shoot them that accurately and they were kind of bulky and top heavy. The Walther pps I had was a little too blocky feeling and I could never get a good grip on it. I tried the Ruger LC9 felt great in the hand but it would slide out of my hand when shooting it,especially in quick succession.

I then went to the Glock 43 and must say it is quite a pistol. It is the only Glock that I don't get slide bite without having to use the supplied back straps with the larger models. The only downside was capacity.

I went to a local ffl dealer and held the G48 and the P365. The G48 felt great but again when racking the slide, I could feel the slide running over the top of my hand/grip, so it was a no go. It offered a full size grip but was a little too long for ccw. I then picked up the P365 and was amazed at how well it fit my hand. It was very comfortable to grip and control. I wound up getting the P365 and am very happy with my decision. It is amazing at how compact Sig made the gun, how comfortable it is to hold and shoot and it offers higher capacity than any other gun close to it. The only thing I changed on it was the front sight as I could not shoot accurately with the number 6 front sight. That was an easy fix, as I installed a number 8 height front sight and now it shoots like a laser.
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I've had a P365 since February 2019 and now have 1300+ rounds through it. I've handloaded for it since day one and found it to be nearly 100% reliable.

My commercial practice ammunition has been American Eagle, 124 gr FMJ's with a smattering of 115 grainers. (I like the brass for reloading, and in the case of the 124 gr, it's been as accurate as my best tailored handloads.)

Out of the box, the trigger was better than any of the three Glocks I've owned (two G19's and a G23), and I've had no trouble with it whatsoever. The sights, IMHO, are the best of any carry pistol I've shot. I especially like that big green dot front as it's easy to pick up in any lighting condition. Tritium night sights (a must have for any true carry piece in my opinion) are good as delivered by Sig.

Ergonomics are especially good for my Size "L" hands. I find the trigger reach just right and the slim grip profile makes this gun feel more like a duty size weapon. I shoot it well, and have found it superbly accurate with both practice and CC ammunition, to include LSWC's! From 10 yds, in a modified Weaver Stance, it will keep an entire mag load in an inch. see pic below. Part of the accuracy level is due to the ergonomics and good sights in my just fits my hands well and delivers. Impact point for my gun with the front sight level with the rear sight 'ears' is right in the middle of the front sight dot. I'd like it a bit higher at 10 yds, an inch or so, but have no trouble making cranial vault shots (2.5" x 3.5") from that distance out to 15 yds.

I have always carried in an OWB holster and this gun is no exception. For pocket carry, it's a bit heavy in my estimation, unless you're wearing a parka type garment. But that weight, mitigates against 9mm recoil and helps to make this pistol good for 2nd or 3rd shots. Mine rides on my right side at the 4:00 position and I have no trouble concealing it under a t-shirt or light jacket.

Overal, the gun is a real keeper, arguably the best CC gun I've ever found in over 50+ years of handgunning. It's been my daily, go to town gun for right at two years now...It's fun to work with, handles superbly and the combination of accuracy with reliability and 10+1 capacity makes it a winner in my book.

YMMv, Rod


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Originally posted by TheMan:
I don't have a G43 (never bonded with Glocks), but I've had a 365 since early 2019, and a Walther PPS since 2010 and a PPS M2 since they came out (2016?). Which I'm not trying to steer you towards, else everybody will just come into this thread and post their favorite micro pistol that's not a 365 or 43.

But my reason for mentioning the Walther is that it's a noticeable touch bigger in nearly every dimension than the SIG. Normally that would be a negative, right? Sig holds more bullets in a smaller package, what's not to like? And I do like it, a lot. But I like the handling, the ergos, of the PPS (both models) better. So I upgraded the PPS mag from 8 to 9 rds with a kit. That gives me 10 rounds on the gun, which I believe is plenty. Yeah, 13 is better in the smaller package of the SIG, but if 10 is enough, and I am more confident drawing the Walther and establishing a grip with it, why not carry that?

However, there are times when the little bit of extra size (mainly grip length and thickness front-to-back) of the Walther makes me take the SIG. Like shorts-and-a-teeshirt.

All of which is to say, if you try them both and like the 10+1 Glock better than the smaller 12+1 SIG, get the Glock.

I'm glad someone else likes both versions of the Walther. I have 2 M1's, 40SW - 9mm. They are 2 of my favorite pistols. I also have a Ruger LC9s, that is one of the best shooting small pistols I own, with Maggutts kits, it holds 9 rounds.

They are keepers.

I looked at the P365. It just did not fit my hand. I won't dispute that its a great innovative pistol, but I decided to stick with my Walthers and Ruger, the slighty higher round capacity of the Sig was offset by it not feeling okay gripping it.

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