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Between those two I would vote G26. The reason, every one I have fired (half dozen over the years) has been 100% reliable.

I have shot 3 different P938's and none of them were reliable in my opinion. I'm sure some on the forum have had good luck with them but I haven't.

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I think you are doing yourself a huge disservice not including the P365 in the discussion. Same capacity as the G26, just much better ergonomics and sights. Have you compared both side by side?

As for me, I am not a fan of striker fired polymer pistols, especially for IWB or deep concealment carry. In fact the G26 is too large in every dimension for pocket carry, IMO. Thus, neither the G26 or P365 are in my stable.

The P938 is the best pocket carry 9mm pistol available at this time. If you are going to carry IWB, there are better choices than all three pistols.
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I have both and alternate depending what I'm wearing/doing. The 938 disappears IWB or pocket and works with shorts for me. If I am going into STL or on a trip, the 26 is the winner.
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My wife has them both, and she might let me shoot them.

The P938 is light, slim, exquisitely machined, with gorgeous Rosewood grips, fabulous night sights and a very nice trigger.

The G26 is not.

The G26 has been in the back of the safe for several years. The P938 is in the night stand.


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Never handled a P938, but G26 is what I carry. Problem free. Today I stopped in to a CVS clinic. The nurse was right there with the stethoscope while I was doing the heavy breathing thing. If she noticed it she didn't say a thing.
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I have never handled a Glock of any kind. I do not like neither polymer nor striker fired pistols. My majority carry is a P938 in either a pocket or IWB holster. Occasionally I carry my wife's P238, if I am wearing really light clothing. Sometimes in winter I carry a CZ 2075 RAMI BD. Love having the night sights as standard on all three.
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FWIW, I can maintain an excellent grip through an entire mag with the P938 (aluminum grips and Extreme Main Spring Housing), whereas the G26/G27 tends to walk every shot requiring frequent regrip. More pronounced shooting one-handed and weak hand. All a function of the grip geometry and excellent checkering on grip surfaces. YMMV

I would suggest shooting them all, but I know that is not easy in New Yorkistan. Maybe you have a friend with one or more of these popular guns that will let you try their pistols.
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I've been a shooter for over 60 years, and like to stay proficient with all my guns, for range use or concealed carry, single action only SAO, double action only DAO, double actin single action DASA, or Striker fired, My Sig P938 has been an excellent single stack SAO, and is more accurate than it has a right to be for it's size and barrel length, it handles great and fits a need, my Glock 26 and 27 are also great guns, a little bigger and a little more rounds aboard, I've had times where my 26 has out shot my 19, I have no problem with the SAO 1911 style action on my P938,but i'm use too this style action, I have no problem switching off the thumb safety or putting it back on, the single action trigger is superb, which contributes to it's great accuracy, now for the g26, nothing bad to say here either, it carry's easy goes bang when I want it too,has a 5.50 # trigger pull and is reliable, as well as accurate, it doesn't carry well in a pocket, but conceals nicely in a belt holster of high quality, either kydex or leather. so like has been said, it's apples and oranges, my Sig P365 has replaced a few of my warmer weather EDC guns and has been 100% reliable as well as accurate, you might want to looks at this one, they now have a 15 round magazine which gives you 16 rounds aboard, and a 12 round mag...with the 26 you have mags all the way up to 30 rounds, my 15 round g19 mags work in the g26 so you have a lot to choose from..

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Thak you all for your time and interest in helping me. All of your responses are greatly appreciated.
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Glock 26 all day long. What it gives up in size to the P938 it more than makes up for in shootability and capacity. Add to that a simpler manual of arms, and I find that it's smooth contours make it really comfortable to carry. And you can carry a 17 round g17 mag as a reload.

I just got back from a 2 week trip out west. We were camping and doing a lot of hiking, and not having a good way to secure uncarried weapons in my vehicle, I was limited to one gun. Out of everything I own I picked my old G26. It's comfortable to carry, I shoot it as well or better than any gun I own, I knew it wouldn't rust or get damaged by two weeks outdoors with no real maintenance, and it's as simple and reliable as a ball-peen hammer.
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