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Budget is about $800, perhaps $1000 if you get a LOT more for the extra $200. Range gun only. Want to get back into a 1911. Full size, govt model, steel frame, no rail, .45ACP.

My last two have been Springfield so I want to try something else, UNLESS they have the best gun for the dollar in my price range.

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Smith and Wesson, Mine has been fantastic. I have one of the earlier base models.

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I've grown to like Colt 1911's. I have two and like them both.

If you want a "newer" style 1911 with the. Beaver tail, etc, try the competition pistol. I don't have one of these, but I would like one.

If you want a more traditional "GI" style pistol, go for the 1911A1 01970 pistol. They are made in Colt's custom shop. I have one and it's one of my favorite pistols.

If you can spend just a little more, go for a Colt Wiley Clapp. They are highly regarded among Colt enthusiasts. I like the blue finish and polished flats. They remind me of my 01970, only with a beaver tail and Novak sights.

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I came in here to suggest a Springfield, but then saw that you're looking for something else. I really like the look of the Colt Competition mentioned above...I almost bought that one back when I was looking, but I wanted 9mm and they didn't have that variant in stock.
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Maybe a Ruger and some ammo for that price. Or could go route I did and get a Colt 1991. It's pretty nice in terms of fit and finish and there's something about owning a Colt that gives you that nostalgic feeling as it is the descendent of the original that began the 1911 story.

Have also heard good things about the Smtih and wessons, Sig XO, and Springer loaded or RO (though Springfield armory has pissed a lot of people off lately for political reasons).

For around a $1000 may be able to find a used higher end like a TRP or STI Trojan as well. Lots of options really, just matters what you want in terms of brand and features.
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I recently purchased a SIg 1911 nightmare full size 45 acp and it has flawlessly. This pistol is quality built, very accurate, and pretty to look at. I am more than pleased with this pistol. I assume that all Sig 1911's are of high quality with the only difference between the different models being mostly cosmetic.
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I'm partial to my Ruger 1911.

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I have had a Ruger for several years and have no complaints. It is not as smooth as my 70 Series Gold Cup, but I did not expect it to be.
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For $800, get a Colt. They are making some of the best 1911's they have ever made right now. A good basic O1991 can be had for under that amount.

Although for a runner up Springfield is a great choice. I bought a parkerized loaded model a year ago for $750 and it is a stellar 1911. Owning over a dozen Colts I was a little biased, but this one can stand right beside them. It's such a great shooter with outstanding fit and finish.
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If you are wanting adjustable sights the Springfield Range Officer is probably the best deal for under $1000. Even though you already have Springfield in you lineup.

You may be able to find a Dan Wesson Heritage for $1000-$1100 a bit above your budget. After having Springfields, Colts, and Kimbers, the Dan Wesson, to me, seemed to be a better fit/assembled handgun. No slide play, no weird noises if you shake it.

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I am a bit of a 1911 nut, got around 3 dozen sitting in the safe right now. IMHO the best bang for the buck is the Dan Wesson. Look at the classified section on this forum as there are several for sale right near your price range. Springfield makes good guns and if you have them and like them then no reason to change horses as you already know them. One of the things that makes 1911s so much fun as each seems to have its own personality. If you don't have one make this new 1911 a 9 mm (real cheap to shoot) or 38 super as they are both great cartridges to shoot. Another idea, use the money to get a .22 conversion kit for one of your Springfield's as they too are a hoot to shoot.

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There's a new Ruger Talo Night Watchman locally for sale on GB for $680. That seems like a decent value.
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Ruger. It is a good bang for the buck. And the Colt is always a good choice. Tradition, ya know!

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I'm with JSB3 and low8option: a well cared for used Dan Wesson is the way to go. Head's and shoulder's above the new ~$800 fodder on the market.

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I've owned more than a few 1911's over the years. I still own a Ruger Nightwatchman. Solid gun. It's been accurate, reliable, and was affordable enough that I don't worry about babying it. Only thing I ever fed it that it didn't like was Hornady Critical Duty. It had intermittent problems with those. In fairness, that same load chokes both my Glock 21 and 30S with much greater regularity.

Other than the Ruger, I'd look at Springfield in that price range. Maybe a used older Colt that is mechanically sound but cosmetically challenged. I've had mixed luck with recent vintage Colts. I had a Commander that was excellent and a Combat Elite that was awful.I owned one of the early Smith and Wesson 1911s and it was a superb pistol, but have no experience with any of the more recent versions.
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Originally posted by SigSentry:
There's a new Ruger Talo Night Watchman locally for sale on GB for $680. That seems like a decent value.

That is a lot of pistol for the price.
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Given what I've come across at the shop, I like Ruger at this price point. Lots of offerings these days, and my base model 6700 has so far been flawless in execution and performance.
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The Colt competition 1911's are a very very nice range pistol for the money. Already has F/O front site with interchangeable tubes, national match barrel, all the goodies and can be had for less than $900.....
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Another vote for Ruger. Been very happy with mine for the price.
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