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Originally posted by rbert0005:
For the life of me I just can't understand the logic of shooting 25, 50, or 100 rounds into the same paper.

Absolutely agree. A while back while volunteering as an RO at my club's open shoot I'd watch some come in and put 50 rounds into one small target. After a while it was a large hole. They learned nothing from the time spent.

A few years back one of the Sig Academy instructors developed a great target geared for fifty rounds. It gave some time to every area of shooting. Weak , strong, double tap and controlled pair.

They are used at some of the Sig charity events. Best instance was when Phil Strader and Max Michel were in a shoot off and they though I was going to score. Both are incredibly nice people but I wasn't going to make the call they missed.

Tetreau Warm up Target

Richard Scalzo
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My glove was to big, the sun was in my eyes, and I tripped on a rock...oh, and I haven't practiced enough.

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If my first round is in the 10 ring, I stop shooting.

Target looks good and saves on ammo.

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“That’s exactly what I was trying to do. Today’s drill was, as accurately as possible mimic the exact pattern of a 12 gauge with birdshot.”

"Structural engineering is the art of moulding materials we don't understand into shapes we cannot precisely analyze, so as to withstand forces we cannot really access, in such a way that the community at large has no reason to suspect the extent of our ignorance." Dr. A. R. Dykes
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Originally posted by Z06:
If my first round is in the 10 ring, I stop shooting.

Target looks good and saves on ammo.

At a range day last year a couple of deputies were hanging around after the stage was finished. One of them had a P227 that he wanted me to try, so I took it out on the range and started plinking the steel gong at what I though was a reasonable distance (35-40 yards). One of the other instructors started blowing me shit and told me he bet I couldn't hit it from the back of the range (75 yards).

I gave back the 227, walked back to the 75, drew my P320 and drilled it first shot. Surprised me as much as everybody else, lol. My gun then went right back in the holster. Of course then the trash talking started that there was no way I could do it again, so I did it again. They weren't talking me into a third gotta know when to fold 'em Big Grin.
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No excuses, my guns are more accurate than me. If I make a bad shot it is on me and nothing else.
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Part of the fun at sucking at some skill is the spontaneous creation & expression of new excuses.

Thus, I do not limit myself to boring, memorized excuses; such a process is for twits. Instead, each excuse is exquisitely developed after critically analyzing the unique situation.

A really good excuse will provide the time to pack your gear and head to the truck before the more-skilled shooters can conclude that you’re full of shit.
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I keep forgetting that I have to open my eyes when I pull the trigger.
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I have hypercortisolism, aka Cushing's Syndrome, so when it gets bad, I shake and twitch like I've had too much coffee.

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Short answer: Shooting is a perishable skill and my family, home, and professional obligations are simply currently higher than my recreational shooting budget and free time.

I currently don't reload, and no, I don't buy ammo by the case or pallet, so my supply is finite.

My range is ~1h15m away. Factor in load out, stow in vehicle, it 1m45m just to get there. I used to be a member at a range more like 30 min. away, but they closed down, and my shooting activity took a nose dive.

I'm essentially on-standby '24/7/365' and always have that little feeling I'll be two magazines in, the phone will ring and I'll have to pack up and while it shouldn't be, it does kind of put a small damper on going sometimes...

I did finally managed to sneak in a one-day class earlier this year. This wasn't a super 'high-speed' class with most students being what I'd call 'basic' level. For me, it was mostly something of kind and 'knock the rust off' exercise. We also had to do the group 'tell us a little about your experience' at the start of the class. All-in-all, I would say in terms of training and experience, I was the #2 guy in the class, second only to the head instructor, who was VERY well credentialed (wouldn't have gone if he wasn't). The training range was also literally in his backyard (pretty significant acreage on his property).

My presentation, handling and groups were solid, tho well below where I was back when I was shooting a lot more.

So being the default 'hot shot,' the instructor had to sort of put me on the spot in front of the others...out came the snap caps, and of course a couple little the 'Whew...oh boy...' Mind you, I had made it pretty clear, despite my previous experience, my live-fire trigger time in the extended recent past had been a whopping zero, thus why I was taking a relatively rudimentary class. It would have been different if my groups had sucked, but they didn't. Anyhow, just one of those things I guess...

$.02 worth,

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