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Taking a road trip next month in state and just realized I haven’t put a light on the Scorpion yet. I have moved the extended aftermarket charging handle to the right. I thought about taking the sbr but I bought the Scorpion to be a truck/car piece so might as well order a light now. Is the inforce light the one to get to mount on the left side for thumb use? If so, which one, which mount, and from where to get best price? Any night Sight option to replace the buis? Thanks for any replies.

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If it were me I'd get a TLR-1 and figure out the mounting position for the best ergonomic and operational scenario for that. I have an Inforce APLc on one of my Glocks; it's been reliable but its build quality doesn't exude much in the way of toughness. Life on a truck gun implies that it going to get beat upon as you travel down the road. It's just my op/ed, but a Streamlight or Surefire will handle that environment better than most anything else.
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My favorite weapon light, hands down, is the Streamlight TLR-1 HL with 800 lumens, especially because of the price. Most all of my railed pistols have a TLR-1 HL mounted. That said, I recently took a gamble on an an 800 lumen inforce WMLx Gen II and it should be arriving Friday.

The reason I choose to go with the Inforce over the Streamlight for the rifle had to do with the slim profile. As much as I like the Streamlight they tend to stick out quite a bit when mounted at either the 3 or 6 o'clock position.

The WML Gen II is 400 lumen and the WMLx is 800 so, depending on where your preferences are for brightness, you have choices (I tend to fall on the 'so bright it sets things on fire' side of the argument).

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I have an Inforce WML on mine, but that's kind of a specialized setup. It's on an extended offset IWC Thorntail mount, which is no longer offered.

Unfortunately, the standard IWC Thorntail is too short for this setup to work on a CZ Scorpion. You'd have to find a used extended IWC mount on the secondary market.

If I just slapped it onto the left side rail, the positioning wouldn't be ideal. The thumb pad would be all the way back towards the sling swivel. Might be usable with the support hand gripping the magwell, but otherwise I don't see it being very useful in that position.

My current setup puts the light in the same position as on my ARs, which have similar offset IWC mounts and WMLs.

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Less than ideal, but I use the same light as rogue slapped on the left side. Planning on changing the handguard anyway cause of getting a 3 lug barrel, but its towards the bottom of the list. I can use it where it is, just a little odd, but I use a stubby tangodown grip rather than an angled grip since I did an sbr. Either the inforce or tlr1 or x300 would be my pick for the scorpion.

No idea on tritium for the sights. I put an aimpoint on mine and troy micro sights. See if LPA offers tritium insert for the front post. A tritium rear ring would be basically pointless since it blurs around your eyes anyway.
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