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Anyone have one of these? It’s a series of 357 686+ pistols from S&W. They have Unfluted cylinders and special grips with a 357 logo on them. They are only made in 3”, 5”, and 7”.
I’m seriously considering at least the 3” or 5”, if not all three...even though I’ve never been turned on by long barreled revolvers.
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The 5" variant is the only 686 I own. Impressive gun out to 50 yards.

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I have the 3” version. It is a very nice gun with smooth double action.
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I have a pre-lock 686+ with a 2.75" barrel. The cylinder is fluted. I have every variant of the 686 with 2.75" barrel up until S&W started adding locks.
My favorite is the 686-3 with flash chromed trigger and hammer and combat grips
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The only Smith and Wesson 357 pistol I have is an M&P 357 sig.

I like their 357 Magnum Revolvers more.

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The three and five inch barrels would be nice, but I don't care for the look of unfluted cylinders and don't think they are needed on .357 L frames.

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never owned a L frame 5", but that barrel length
is the cat's ass on a N frame
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Don't own them, but we have a couple of customers that had been chasing them down. I think that between our shop and other LGSs they managed to complete their 'magnum ensembles'. It was being handled by a coworker so I don't recall all of the details, but we were able to get the 5" for both of them, and perhaps the 7" for one. I have to agree with the comment about the unfluted just looks weird on the L-frame. On a beefy 454 Casull Super Redhawk Alaskan, no qualms. But with the S&W it looks out of place, and is definitely unnecessary given that the fluted cylinders on the regular 686+ work just fine.
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Interesting, the comments about the cylinders.....
I have yet to see an unfluted cylinder that I DIDNT like the look of, necessary or not.
And really, the only reason I’d be picking up the 7” is to complete “the set”’ll give my three kids something else to fight over when I’m gone...which one HAS to take the 7” revolver. Smile
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hudr, you are not alone . . . I like the look of unfluted cylinders as well

Those 3,5,7, revolvers were a Distributor Exclusive offering some years back. If my memory is correct they were done for the TALO group. I am several hundred miles from my notes so I can not comment on how many of each barrel length were produced.

Personally, I have never been a huge fan of the L-frame. I do own a few after all I am a collector of modern Smith and Wessons

I do have a 5" Pinto Model 627 (which has an unfluted cylinder) and a Two Tone 5" Model 327 TRR8, I am very fond of both.

The TRR8 with it's Scandium alloy frame weighs in more like a 4" Model 19/66 K-frame revolver but offers a longer barrel and 2 more rounds of 357 Magnum ammunition

Not to mention the TRR8's tensioned barrel provides spectacular accuracy rivaling the Legendary Accuracy of Dan Wesson revolvers from years gone by.

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