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Looking to see if anyone has any input on the 14rnd .40s&w/.357sig magazines for the P229. I carry my P229 for concealed carry, and was thinking about switching my back up mags for the 14 rounders. Before I spend any money, I would like to hear if anyone has any experience or problems with them.
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Not sure about the P229, but Mec-Gar makes mags for many of the manufacturers. I once ordered mags for my CZ75Bs direct from CZ USA. When they arrived, they were in Mec-Gar packaging.

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I keep the 14 rounders in my wife's nightstand pistol. I used them in some 3 gun to test them beforehand. They're Mec-Gar...good to go.

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Those 14 round magazines were developed and have been shipping with SIGs for more then a decade now.

I must have 12 of them. Each of the P226/P229 SCTs shipped from SIG with 4 of them

Like most all SIG/MecGar magazines they have been perfect over the years.

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I use them. Never had an issue, Work good enough Wink

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No issues in my old P229 357 with the 14 rounders.

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Work great.

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Mec-Gar are OEM for many manufacturers.

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I have the 40/357 15 rounders for my 226. Very similar mags. Load great and function fine. They are as smooth as my main 12 round mags that have the shiny blueing finish. Mec gars are great. I carry the 15 rounder sometimes if I carry my 226 and just want to carry one spare mag in a pocket.
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Ran one today in my old P229 and as has been said... flawless.

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