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In my search for a handgun to put an RMR on, I picked up a CZ P-10c. I had briefly considered the FN 509 Tact, then I came to my senses. This CZ (like my Rami and P-01) are flat out lasers. Very accurate guns. It’s got a very smooth trigger, slight bit a mush... not bad at all though. It really feels good in the hand. Definitely a thumbs up as Sootch would say. Gratuitous suppressor pic below.

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Congrats on your purchase! My wife loves her P-10c.
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Looks good. Does it use the CZ75 mags or its own ?
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For real?
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It uses its own mags. They will fit the P07. But not the other way around.

I thought newer P07s were coming with P10C mags in the box.

You can cut a notch in your P07 mags to make them work in the P10C

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That's one I've been curious about. Looking forward to your shooting results.

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