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Last week I picked-up a recent production (March 2019) P365. I didn't really need one, having two G43's and a G43X, but the skeet range on post has them for $500, and there's no sales tax. Plus, I had just brought a very large amount of accumulated change to the bank, which more than covered the purchase price. Also, it's nice to be able to offer an opinion on something I actually have experience with, instead of regurgitating something I read on the internet.

Had it out for the second time yesterday and am now at more than 250 rounds of 115-147 grain handloads and two mags of Hornady CD 135 grain.

Perfect function; no failures to lock back after the last round. Slight primer swipe, but no worse than several other striker-fired pistols I've owned. The trigger is somewhat mushy and not as nice as several other P365s I've dry-fired, but it's getting better. (I got a fresh, virgin one rather than the "coon-fingered" display model, so I didn't try the trigger on the one I bought until I got home.)

Draw and dry-fire from AIW carry doesn't feel as comfortable to me as with the G43; the P365 grip almost feels too small, like it might squirt out of my hand. I think I just need to build up a little more muscle memory.

My only actual gripe concerns the sights. While I personally don't care for 3-dot sights, the X-Rays seem well-built and offer a good sight picture. However: Once again I have a SIG that's set-up for their execrable (used my thesaurus for that one) "combat sight picture". I'd just replace the #6 front sight with a #8 if my cursory search turned up any suitable configurations in stock.

My search did turn-up a company I hadn't heard of before: Night Fision. Their website showed options I liked. Has anybody on SF had experience with their products on SIGs or other pistols?
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I got my P365 today and just ran 150 rounds through it. I also brought my P220R Carry with Trijicon Bright and Tough sights. The P220R's sights are much easier to see. I would like to add those to the P365, but don't want to just start throwing money into this gun until I've really spent some time with it.
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I normally use Trijicon HD sights on my handguns but when my older Glock 17 night sights died I decided to give Night Fision a try. So far I have been very happy with them, so much so, I am considering replacing the Green/Yellow front sight on my P365 with an Orange Night Fision sight. FWIW, I felt like the P365 grip was a little small as well so I added Hogue P365 Beavertail Grip Sleeve which adds palm swell as well as girth. To me it made a big difference. I was concerned about it moving but even when wet mine has been solid as a rock. Some people said it can be a tough to put on but I followed the instructions and it went on just fine.
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I put a Hogue Handall rubber grip on mine. I find that it makes the grip ever so slightly thicker, and the soft rubber gives my extra large hands a better purchase on it.

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I thought the X-rays were OK, but my eyes aren't what they used to be so I tried these: Man, big difference. I ordered another set for my P220. The 9mm sights are zero'd for combat distance 12-15 yards, but for my P220 10MM I wanted a 25 yard zero. I called them and talked to Don, and he's making up a set to do just that. Great people and really helpful.
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