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Why Sig USA does not triple serial number their pistols. I for one really wish they would. At least that way when you get one you would know if one part of it in newer than the other or one part is closer to being worn out than another. This is just my thoughts, am I off base on my thinking?

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Because they would rather have a pile or slides, frames, and barrels and just slap them together like LEGO pieces. It takes more time and money to match pieces. It also might be a requirement in forgein countries to serialize parts.

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^^^ I can see your point as Sig comes out with some crazy variants at times but they look good. I know Glock did it on the gen 4 pistols but do they still do it on their gen 5 pistols? Not that you can compare Sig and Glock pistols as they are worlds apart.
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Why Sig USA does not triple serial number their pistols.

Cost. As Dusty78 says, it takes time and money to serialize parts and provides them nothing in return.

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How could you tell how close a part is to being "worn out" by the serial number?

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Because they only did it initially because they were required to do so in Europe.


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I'm not sure what people think matching aerials accomplishes. It's not like one hunk of metal is carefully milled into all the various parts. Generally, barrels are made from steel, slides from stainless steel and frames from aluminum alloy. They're made from different materials on different tooling. And it's not like serial numbers are preordained.

What exactly is going to wear out quickly between a slide, frame and barrel?

The only time I can appreciate matching numbers is with AK parts kits. And that's just because some tolerances can be loose, and it's nice to know that that parts you got were known to have worked together. Even then, it doesn't mean all that much, because you're putting it together with a new receiver and barrel, which changes a lot.

Anyway, matching serials may have some use for mil or leo organizations, where they service a large number of identical firearms. Even then, who's to say if a part was replaced that they didn't just stamp or etch the serial number on it?

But for private use it simply doesn't matter.

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It's nice for the consumers to have, but for SIG, it's a cost thing as stated. So, no good reasons for them to do it.

The only current US made SIG that has the triple numbers is the P226 LDC. And, that's only because it is destined for the German market.

Heck, even the Germans don't have law requiring triple serial numbers. All their Xguns only have serial numbers on frame and slide. Proof marks required on the 3 major parts, yes, because of CIP rules, but not serial numbers.
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