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I can't choose my favorite. My P220 (KC and KF), P245, P239-9, P938 or 1980 P6.

I love them all.

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For me its my SP 2022 in 9mm.
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I have had 9mm P220 EU, P6, German P225(not A1), W.German 9mm P226, P228,9mm P250SC, 9mm P290RS, 9mm SIG PRO 2022, SIG P238.

I love all the German P-series but honestly my favorite shooter is the SIG PRO 2022.
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Tough call to pick one. For me 228 in 9mm and 239 in 357 Sig. Both outstanding.

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For me, it’s the Sig P220ST with the older style proprietary rail. My brother owned it and was getting ready to sell it. I took it to the range and immediately knew that I needed it. Since then, I’ve purchase two of them and one with the standard rail.

I absolutely love the way the P220ST feels in my hand and it shoots like a dream!
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My favorite Sig(s) are a tie between my M11-A1 and my 229 TT in .40.

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for me it was the P226. Then I picked up a P6 (1980) and it has been the P6 ever since..
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A couple weeks ago I’d have said my 229 or one of my 239s. Then I acquired a 226 Legion SAO (used). So I’ll stick with that.
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Originally posted by H&K-Guy:
My favorite SIG is the P228. It fits my hands the best of my SIGs. I am never getting rid of this sidearm.

Plus, it was a gift from Q, so it's kinda' special to me. The generosity of that man still confounds me.


I will be labeled a heretic for saying this, but the P-228 is one I never fell in love with, despite my efforts to do so. I’ve owned three of them now, and really, REALLY wanted to fall in love with them like most every other SIG lover, but it just didn’t happen! I much prefer my P-229/357/40 over the 228, and despite the fact they’re practically identical in feel, balance and appearance, the 229 just “works” for me where the 228 didn’t. Totally and completely illogical I know, but it is what it is!

Oh, and regarding Q... yeah, the dude most DEFINITELY rocks! Most generous person I believe I’ve ever known!!!

Bill R.
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I had a P6, so close enough. It sure was an awesome gun, wish I didn't let it go. I too felt like it was just perfect. The only thing I could dislike was the heavy DA, but other than that it was just great. It really did just feel natural in the hand and point easy. I'm trying to pickup another, but we will see. They are typically quite a bit more than the $300 or so I originally spent, but I'd love to get a 225.

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+1 on the P225-A1. Slight edge over my West German KA dated Nickel P228. To me the Only thing that could be better that a P225 would be an all stainless or Nickel P225.
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I too have had many Sig models. My favorite is my KF P220 .45. A close second would be the P225 you speak of. Classic, single-stack Sigs are perfect.
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My 226 is on my nightstand every night - my 229 spends it life in my console vault - the 365 is my EDC. I do love my 2022 and P6 as well. I guess I like the 226 the best of all.

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Favorite is my 1st Sig purchased, a P-239 in 40 ( and 9mm and 357 Sig). As a carry gun it is still in rotation. Next would be a Trailside with a L&G 2moa red-dot. In competition it is down 2 points from my M41.

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Mine is the SIG M11-A1.

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You’ve gotta hand it to the German pistol designers and manufacturers of the 1960s/1970s. The P5/P6/P7 designs were so good, the Germans themselves could not pick a winner and authorized all 3...

Still, my personal preference is the P228. I can’t fault your choice of the 225, but the 228 is just perfection for me (and apparently a lot of others).

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Agreed, for the OP's reasons.

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Mine is my P226 West German with the nickel finish. Just seems almost perfect.
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I have four Sigs, a German P220 .45ACP, a W. German P226 9mm, P239 9mm, and my P365 which is my current EDC.

My favorite Sig right now is the 365, It gets carried in a Sticky pocket holster with a flat based 10 round mag, I carry it OWB with a 12 round mag. in either method, I carry a 15 round spare mag on my belt. With 1K rounds fired through it I have I have 100% confidence in it.

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My favorite Sig is my 226. I sent it to The Sig Armorer for an action job. While it was there I was considering buying a Glock 17 to replace it. I didn't and I'm glad I didn't. The 226 came back as almost a new pistol. Robert did a fantastic job and I absolutely love shooting this pistol. It is hands down my favorite and the one I will NEVER,EVER sell. What a tack driver. Reset is great, low trigger pull weight, smooth,glass like action, I can't say enough. It is so good that it is now both my on duty AND off duty gun. I carry it in a Kramer IWB holster which I bought used from another member here which was another great purchase as I love the holster almost as much as the gun it carries.
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