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I do not have a S&W but I have heard good reviews. My P365 has been flawless with all ammo since the day I bought it. While I do not carry a small gun often I do carry the 365 occasionally in a DeSantis Superfly or on my belt in a leather Don Hume. BTW it replaced my PM9 which was a very nice gun. All the holsters from my PM9 worked great for the 365. I had the Walther for a very short time it chewed up my hand.

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Don't eliminate the G43 or SA Hellcat. I have the 43 and 365 and love them both. I have shot a Hellcat and thought it was very comparable.

I never had any luck with Kahr. And I had a first generation shield that I didn't like.... but the 2.0 is a big improvement.

If I had to make a choice for only one.... p365.
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i looked a few years ago so there have ar additional options on the markert(including the P365)

i decided to go with the small springfield - basically like the idea of an extra safety and prefer the grip safety over a thumb safety. I've been pleased with the SA.

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I carried slicked-up Shields (.40 and 9 mm) until purchasing the P365. Mine features the longer XL grip. Perfection.
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Originally posted by tigereye313:
Originally posted by Sigmund:

As is its almost twin and cheaper brother the CM9.

Indeed, and had it been available when I bought he pm9 I would've gotten that one instead. Smile

I do have the CM9. No problems at all. Wish that I could think about the purchase of a 365 but COVID-19 cutbacks have eliminated gun buying for a while.
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I don't do striker fired plastic. I hate the triggers.

So I use a S&W CS9. It is small/thin enough and light enough, to go in a pocket of my cargo pants when the flat mag base is installed. 8+1 capacity. 25oz weight. Regards 18DAI

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We currently own, and I say we(my better half) a G43, Shield 9 & 45, and a Ruger LC9s Pro. She carries the G43, and my favorite for all around is the Shield 9. Favorite to shoot is the Shield 45 but heavier to carry. I am itching to get my hands on a 365, maybe when prices level out.

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