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I have the ECP in both 9mm and 45. It is really hard to make a choice for carry or shooting. I love 45 but the 9mm is really soft shooting and is easier with recoil.
And they both use the same holster!
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Get a Vigil CCO! I own one in .45 ACP and love it.

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I had this same conundrum a while back. I ended up deciding that I wanted a gun chambered for the cartridge it was designed around, so I got a Springfield EMP4 in 9mm. Springfield shrank the design down just enough to perfectly fit the 9mm/.40 without requiring mag spacers or other such nonsense. I've been very happy with that choice, and the gun has been extremely reliable.

I'm now wanting a steel-framed gov't sized 1911, and as such I'm looking at .45s. if you must have a 9mm bore in a standard 1911, I'd look at a .38 super.
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As you can see from the very good and varied responses, it's really a matter of philosophy and personal preferences.

I'm in the God (JMB) designed the 1911 for .45 ACP camp. Something satisfying about a brilliant 108 year old design with a 114 year old cartridge that's still viable today.

Only downside I've found with mine is that it destroys targets faster with centered ratholes than any of my nines. Wonder why that is. Razz

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For carry, I'd go with .45 as it's a heavier bullet, what the gun was designed for and probably a hair more reliable (over thousands of rounds) and in the 1911, you only gain 1 extra round by going to 9mm. IMO if you gained 2 or more rounds I'd go with 9mm. I have both .45's and 9mm 1911's and really like the way 9mm shoots in the 1911, but for carry with the round count in mind, I'd go .45. However, loaded the 9mm will be lighter and so will a spare loaded mag due to the ammo weight difference.
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My DW CCO is .45 ACP, I'm VERY satisfied with my choice. I'd do it all over again as my other CCW is a Glock 19. Personally, I think a 1911... for me... is best in .45ACP. YMMV.
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LESS FILLING!!! Oh, sorry, wrong thread. Or is it?

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Originally posted by Mustang-PaPa:
I have had atleast one 1911/45acp around since the early 80’s and purchased a DW Guardian 9mm a few years ago and it is the sweetist shooting 1911 i have ever owned.
Fun and very accurate shooting. It makes me look good and my buddyies who werent really 1911 seemed to shoot it well.
If i could only have one 1911 for ccarry or range use only it would be a 9mm.
I liked the Dan Wesson Guardian 9mm so much i sold my prized Ed Brown Kobra carry 45acp.
The Ed Brown was one fine gun but for the money Dan Wesson really is the better value IMO.

I concur.
Although I sold mine after a couple years when I realized single action just wasn't for me.

All my 9mm 1911s were finicky with ammo; no reloads, no re-manufactured, or cheap stuff.
But that 9mm Dan Wesson Guardian was the most accurate pistol I ever owned.

The only 45ACP pistol I've ever cared for is my G21.

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Only way for the OP to settle this question is to try and shoot both before you buy. Easier said than done, but maybe a rental range will have both to rent or maybe just the .45 in a CCO or Lightweight Commander variation to try.
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I have a Wilson Combat Protector in .45ACP that I carried on duty for about 10 years. Just recently picked up this DW ECP in 9mm and am diggin' it!

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Evening, thank you for all of the input. I decided to but the Valkyrie in .45.
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