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Originally posted by 92fstech:
The Blackhawk convertible makes a little more sense because it can shoot the traditional revolver cartridges, too....but the SP101 is just calling to me. Dang you Ruger for offering so many interesting chamberings!


And why do I want an SP101 so badly, when I can get my hands on a GP100 any time I want?

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I have a lot of 9mm autos, I got rid of my 357s and decided I wanted a 9mm revolver, not wanting to get a Taurus I tracked down a S&W 940, a sub nosed J framed 9mm. Pretty expensive as they don’t make them anymore. Heavy gun, first time I shot it I was like what the hell the Ruger LCR in 357 was more pleasant to shoot! I dumped the boot grip for a Hogue so my pinky wouldn’t float and it is now more controllable than the LCR was but still way more recoil than a 38, but then again standard 9mm velocity is a little hotter than 38 +P+ so there is the difference. I also love the full moon clips, no need for speed loaders. Also Ruger came out with the LCR 9mm right after I bought the smith, way cheaper and I bet that “tamer” grip on the LCR would be softer shooting.
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I certainly have to admit that I'm one of those, possibly misguided and confused, individuals who like the semi-auto pistol caliber revolvers, and carbines too. I currently have autoloaders, revolvers and a carbine in 9MM, pistols and revolvers chambered in .45 ACP,etc. Used to have a couple of the early S&W Model 610s, and a Ruger Blackhawk 38-40/10MM convertible to go with my 10MM autos.

I think if liking these cartridges in revolvers has to be explained, shooters who don't care for the idea would not likely be moved...ymmv

BTW, as to those 9MM double action revolvers that don't require moon clips. I had a S&W 547 or two. Good guns, and they do, or did, make speedloaders for them. But loading is still slower than on the moon clip guns due to the design of the design of extractor/ratchet on these guns. Even with the speedloader, you have to make sure the round is fully seated past the extractor finger, which often means pushing each round individually forward to firmly seat in it's charge hole. I suspect the Charter Arms version would be similar in this respect.

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I just bought one of those New Vaqueros in 357 that come with a convertible 9mm cylinder. Haven’t received it yet but the SA design seems like the perfect no brainer 9mm revolver.
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My dream revolver ( which I am fully assured S&W will never make!) would be a 919- a six shot I frame moon clip revolver available in blue!(I just hate stainless!)
Reloading means my 38 ammo is cheap ( I believe I did the math and it comes out to around $4 a box) so until my mythical dream gun materializes ( though I would jump on a 547 if I ever found one at a decent price) I will stick with 38’s
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