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In some IDPA/IPSC/USPSA, competitions and the like that allow optics, I've noticed some use a smaller Red Dot size, like 2.5 or 3 MOA. Others prefer larger Red Dot sizes like 6 or 8 MOA.

Are larger or smaller red dot sight sizes preferred for a pistol, and why?

I'm thinking of mounting something like a Vortex Razor or C-More RTS2 on a CZ 75 Tactical Sports Orange.

What do you think?

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I have had enough time on optics to say I prefer the smaller dots. I have both.

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That guy’s input is probably the way to go. That being said I have smaller to larger dots. 1-8 MOA. I believe. T1, PRO, RMR, SRO, DPP, and CMore. For my use (matches/comp and HD) I think going forward I would shop for price and features first then dot size in my specified range. If my SRO was 5 instead of 2.5 it would make an indiscernible practical difference to me.

This coming from a guy who poured over the thought process while buying each of those. Same price and features? Trust jones. Better price and features on smaller or larger? I would now buy it and 5he dot size would self correct for me.

I say that based on my 3 most used optics are the DPP and SRO at the low end and C More at the big end. I swap back and the with no issues between these 3 dots. (For pure just range non serious use, I prefer the c more but that could just be because the glass is big round clear and very distinct dot.
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I have 6.something and 3.something RMRs. I prefer the smaller one.

this may or may not be useful. Try to watch the whole thing. Dude likes to hear himself yammer but he produces some valuable content, particularly re: RDS on handguns.

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That may depend on your eyesight, if you have astigmatism depending on the amount and if your corrective lens are good at their job the larger dot may appear to have more distortion than a smaller dot.

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In my testing I've settled on the RMR06 as the best choice available in RMR's for competition (3.25moa) IDPA/IPSC/USPSA have way more long distance shots than you would ever consider for a gun you carried solely for personal defense and the smaller dot helps in those.

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I have both dot sizes, 3.25 and 6.5, in my RMR's and really no preference. I switch back and forth all the time. If I had to pick just one it would be the smaller 3.25 dot. When you first start out learning to shoot with a pistol optic that dot will seem really small but as you learn how to run the gun with an optic that small dot will feel fine. The biggest advantage of the small dot is in competition where there will be longer shots, as hrcjon, mentioned. If you have a strong astigmatism having a dot with adjustable brightness really helps. For me one click down in brightness takes away the fuzzy look to my dots. I have carried a Trijicon RMR equipped pistol as my EDC for going on 9 years, so that is my take on the subject.
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I have several: RMRs in both 3 & 6 MOA, Sig Romeos in both 3 & 6 MOA and a Trijicon SRO in 5.5 MOA.

Being in my 70's I find that the 3 MOA Sig Romeo is not bright enough on sunny days; the 6 MOA is much easier to see.

The RMRs are as bright as the Sig Romeos on AUTO with 3 brighter settings available.

The 5.5 Trijicon SRO is much easier to find the dot with the huge window and very easy to see on AUTO regardless of the lighting, but the 5.5 MOA dot is a bit big for accurate shots at 20+ yards.

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In the broadest of views, the smaller dot is for more "target" shooting and the larger for "personal defense" situations.

All said, I prefer the small (3MOA) and find I can just turn up the brightness to appear as a larger dot.

As mentioned, "finding the dot" is a product of weapon-presentation and not the size of the dot. Don't get the two confused.

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