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Does anyone else find new models of guns hard to come by in your area? I am in west central Illinois. I have been trying to get the new Ruger 57 as well as a 2020 python and there are none to be found here.
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New models are always hard to find. But personally I never buy one until it's been out at least a year or two. I don't want to be their beta tester.
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It’s been like that for a while now, … oh, say, the past 50+ years or more in my experience, and everywhere I’ve lived. Wink

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If you look at the larger online dealers they will have them first usually. The gun is on allocation at my distributor. This really means he who sells the most Sigs gets the new ones first.

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As for the Python, my guess is Colt isn't producing many as they're trying to fix the issues that the ones they did ship, had.
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It was reported in the eight page long Python 2020 thread that it was thought that Colt had halted production and further shipments until the issue have been corrected.
The lack of supply would back up that belief as supply was around for awhile till all the reports of issues started surfacing.
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I also agree about waiting a year or two, to get any issues corrected with any platform.
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Yes, the store close to me is part of a large LGS chain, and even they have issues getting the new firearms. Seems the MO is, owner, officers, big customers/friends then to the top selling stores (naturally) and then off to the Gun Show Circuit he runs around the whole state.

After that the smaller store gets the new guns.

Frankly I'd do the same, take the corporate statistics on the brand, customers, sales volume and reward those that move the most metal.

They finally got two G44's just happened to show up that day and bought the last one.

The good thing is it keeps me from loading up my CC on instant gratification purchases every day LOL...

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