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SW MP 2.0 Compact 4.0bbl vs HK P2000. In 9mm Login/Join 
I’m looking at both. Hard to decide. Have the p2000 in 40., da/sa. Like it lots. Want to go to 9 mm. Have a gen 1 sw MPc (12 rd mag) and like it despite rough trigger. Shoot it fairly well.

Specs on a gen 2 sw mp2.0 compact and HK p2000 are very close. Sw slightly heavier unloaded. Sw holds 2 addl Rds (15 for sw mag) and 13 for hk mag.
Anyone done a comparison or have pics from above, side by side? Anyone done a review of both? Thoughts? Opinions?

Transitioning betweem da/sa to a striker fire doesn’t seem to be an issue.
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The only thing I didn't like about the P2000 and sk I owned, was the hammer bite. I have big mitts and no matter how I held it, it would always get me. It is a shame as I really liked them and they were very accurate.

As far as what to choose, that is tough.It all comes down to what you like. Both have pros and cons. Magazine cost will be higher with the HK but they should last you forever,as long as you don't dump the mags on the ground. I am not sure about the longevity of the P2000 and if they will continue to be in production like the USP. Again, it shouldn't be a problem as those guns can take a beating and come for more.I have a P30sk that I really like and have no complaints with HK in general, as they build some tough stuff. S&W makes some good firearms as well. Tough choice.
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Easy choice, tough choice. I love my P2000. MP's are not in that category. I don't like the triggers although the 2.0 or Apex solves that. The MP certainly will have support and reasonably priced support long past the P2000. In fact, I would be surprised if the P2000 is long for this earth in the HK catalog.

That being said, I would love to buy a spare P2000 and call it a day. I think it is a better gun in every aspect other than price and parts support.
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Striker vs hammer that’s a choice.
Grip texture is a choice. I find the Smith texture awesome for shooting crappy for carry.
Aftermarket/support goes to Smith
Build quality I lean HK
USPC mags are not stupid expensive and easily available are the 2.0 compact mags readily available yet?

Are you comfortable with your current P2000? If so I say stick with that platform. No learning curve, your .40 mags will feed 9mm in an emergency, holsters should work etc.

If you have a case of iwannacoolnewgunitis go with the Smith by all accounts it’s a damn good update of a pretty good gun to begin with.

Oh an pursuant to he gun owners handbook chapter 6, subsection 6.7, line 83 I must add........

“Just get a Glock 19” Razz

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I'd have to go with the 2.0. More after market parts, more holster choices, parts/magazines are much cheaper, higher capacity, etc.

You can't go wrong with either, but from what I read in your OP, the 2.0.


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I would go 2.0 I prefer a striker over DA/SA and the reset on the P2000 is just too long for my taste - I short stroked it more than I care to admit.

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I have a 2.0 Compact and a full size 2.0
Love both.
Is it possible to get a aftermarket 9mm barrel for your HK 40 you currently own? Change barrel and mags and you have a 9mm HK.
I did this with my M&P gen 1, bought a Storm Lake 9mm barrel and 9mm mags and use them in my M&P 40

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I, ve read that a barrel exchange is possible on the HK. HK site indicates it works. Most seem successful, although a few have mentioned relibility issues with the 9mm barrel in the 40 frame. Reccommendation seems to be fine for range but maybe risky for carry.

I’m leaning towards sw because I have 2 17 rd mags that are spares for the gen1 12 rounder as well as a holster. The price is attracrive as well as the readily available parts. That being said, the HK in 40 that I have is a wonderful pistol that I choose if Icould only own one handgun.

Good dilema to have I guess. 2 excellent choices.
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I'd take an HK P2000/P2000sk, in any caliber, over a S&W any day...for professional work, range or personal safety.


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