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Semi-related, I picked up a 2.0 compact off the prize table this weekend. Hopefully, it will be to my FFL this week.

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I've been shooting USPSA since 1993, and IDPA since its beginning. I really like accurate handguns. My single stacks, and STIs will shoot 2" groups at 50 yards with loads they like.
My first pistol for Production division, in USPSA, and SSP in IDPA was a Sig 226. It generally shot about 1 1/2" groups at 25 yards. I decided that I THOUGHT I could do better with a Glock. Nope, they just don't fit in my hand. When S&W came out with the M&P, I bought a bunch. My favorite is a 5" Pro, with an Apex competition kit, and Apex gunsmith fit barrel. I believe the trigger pull is 36 ounces. A while back, a friend of mine got a 5", 2.0. I borrowed it from him, took it to the range, and fired a bunch of different loads through it. Accuracy was acceptable, for a plastic gun. I also had my Pro along, which shot more accurately, but, shooting the same loads, from both guns, I was amazed at the difference in felt recoil, and muzzle jump.
Well, I figured that I HAD to have one, but, didn't like S&Ws "fix" for the slide stop. I LIKE the fact that if my slide is locked back, it will go home when slamming in a mag. So, I thought I would set it up for Carry Optics. I had a Fastfire 3 on the shelf, a guide rod, a 13# spring, and an Apex competition spring kit, so I bought an Apex .45 sear, and an adapter plate for the Fastfire. I just rounded the striker block, and dropped in the APex parts, with the exception of the striker spring, because the 2.0 has a totally different striker, and the trigger is at 40 ounces. The longer frame rails must create more friction, because when I took it to its first match, I found out it would choke, with FULL magazines, with my regular, 131pf load. I stuck the upper from my 5" Pro, with the Apex, gunsmith-fit barrel on the 2.0 lower and was pretty surprised that it fit. It also needed more powerful loads to run 100% with a full magazine. I'm hoping that after another thousand rounds, it will run 100% with loads less than 135pf.
I'm still on the fence about fitting an Apex, gunsmith-fit barrel to it. It would probably cut the size of my groups in half, but, with my aging eyes, and other physical issues, I don't know how much longer I'll be able to shoot handguns.
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Where did you purchase the #13 spring for your 4.25 and your 2.0C. Thank you for the info.

Also, will the 13 pound springs work in my M&P 1.0s

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I had a 1.0 M&P9 Compact that had terrible accuracy. I know this because my Glock 26, 19 and 17 were much more accurate. Also, my Sig P228 was very accurate.

Just recently I took a chance and bought a M&P .45 ACP 2.0 and the accuracy is very good. Yes, S&W makes it in my favorite caliber.
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