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Originally posted by PPGMD:
I would get a couple, but I wouldn't suggest getting that many. I prefer the Magpul 21 round mags due to the ease of cleaning over the extended Glock mags.

I've just started getting things together. I have two 31-rd Glock mags, and I ordered two of the TT +5/6 extentions. I plan on requesting two G17 mags as my swag for working our local GSSF match this year. I will probably get one or two of the TF extensions eventually, unless like you said Magpul develops a 40+-rd alternative.

It'll probably take me until sometime next year to save the money for the rifle, so I have time to wait for sales on accessories. Smile

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I use the TF +5 Border Special extension with a P30 15 round mag as a backup in my carry HK P2000. Obviously this gives me 20 rounds over and above the 15 in my carry magazine.

I've shot several hundred rounds thru the TF extended mags without incident.

As noted above, TF also makes quality extensions for Glocks.

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I have been eyeing that border special extension for my vp9. The red annodized looks really nice.
I know its stupid, but I want a couple of the TF +12s for my 31 round mags in their zombie green color.

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