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On the forums and by people I meet I keep hearing about "great deals that I found on guns." I have never seen any good deals on used guns. I live in Northern Virginia and there is a lot of people would guns and a lot of gun stores but still prices seem to be high.

What have been other people's experiences? Do some people just constantly search websites, online stores, and gun shops for great deals? Or does one need to be in a smaller less populated area defined such bargains?

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I often wonder the same thing. I have never seen a deal in any LGS in NoVA.

Let me know when you find them deals!


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there is no formula. You just have to be in the right place at the right time.

Some have a friend that is an FFL and they get "the call" on occasion.


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Only time I have found 'deals' at actual stores were gun & pawn types around the Holidays or before their annual audit.

Over the holidays they typically have guns coming out of their asses and want to move them.

For the ATF audit, the fewer guns on had the better (or at least that's how I understand it).

Lastly, you can get lucky when weapons are on consignment and the LGS doesn't realized what it is.

All of those netted me a S&W 640-1 no lock with 2 holsters and 100rds of 38 spl for $350, a S&W 66-3 4" with rubber and target grips for $350, and a S&W Pre Model 17 for $375.

Local, online gun boards can also be a good source - especially when someone needs $$$ fast for a car / boat / etc.
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Some have a friend that is an FFL and they get "the call" on occasion.


But that's just half of it. The other half is showing up, with cash, and taking it home. Not, oh I'll be there in three weeks. Not some waffling on whether or not you really need it at that time. Not with some BS credit card that is going to cost your friend another 2-3% in fees.

When you get the call, you show up and pay up. Sometimes you may have to resell yourself to keep your connection clean. But if you're smart and honest, it can work out really well.

In my experience, the ones who want their gun at their price and on their time table are the first ones to burn their contact when he/she comes through for them.
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Originally posted by rbert0005:
[b]there is no formula. You just have to be in the right place at the right time.]/b]

Some have a friend that is an FFL and they get "the call" on occasion.


There it is. Friends at gun stores help too. Big Grin

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Head south and hit up one of the gun shows in Fishersville, Harrisonburg or Richmond… There are a few good dealers from the Southern VA area that frequent those shows, and are willing to be flexible and negotiate on price. Also, there is a local Virginia gun trader board that a deal can sometimes be found.
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All of mine have been just timing & location....

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It's been a really long time since I saw a good deal on anything at the local gun stores, especially on used guns. When I'm looking for something I search the internet, no stone left unturned to find a deal. I often find guns for a hundred or more dollars less than any lgs.

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If searching on the internet, I use this website a lot.
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I have found some great deals here on the forum, through members and some of the dealers. Sales pop up sometimes, you have to be ready to jump on them.

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It depends what you consider a "great deal."

It's almost always being the early bird. Be opportunistic and don't try to beat people up on price. If you're considering not buying a pistol that you've been looking for over $25, you clearly don't want it enough.

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Well... it depends. Smile

I sold two guns through a NoVa LGS. As I went to pick up my checks, I mentioned I was looking at buying a new SIG P225-A1 from an online vendor. We got to talking, and it turned out after factoring in the shipping & handling charges, plus the FFL fee, I could buy it direct from the LGS for only $2 more. Liking to give local companies my business, and helping establish a good relationship, I went ahead and paid the extra $2.

I consider that a good deal.

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My strategy is to find a dealer that carries a large consignment inventory and swing by weekly or bi-weekly. I've seen some pretty good deals on some pretty hard to find guns.

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I have two small dealers I get my best deals at. They don't use the internet to look up current gun values, use outdated blue books that tend to be lower then current prices, though lately, prices are lower on some items.
Selling a gun to one of these small dealers is not very lucrative. They pay very little, mark the gun up, and it is a great value TO THE BUYER in many cases. The one small dealer also does consignment, and seller will come down with a phone call, in many cases.

As far as getting a great price at the big dealer near me, you have to walk by the trade counter as they are taking a gun in to get the rare ones. Like the nearly new colt 1911 us govt property ww2 handgun in original holster. They were making up the tag to put it out, would not have lasted an hour on the shelf. An employee was already interested in it when I said I would take it!

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Timing and being ready when the time comes.

I plan where my money is going too carefully to be ready to purchase at the drop of a hat. A co-worker of mine always keeps at least a grand on him just in case. His son used to work at the local store and while deals were never really there on new guns, some of the deals on used guns were very good. He got nice (don't remember which manufacturer) AR with a trijicon, case, 12 mags with ammo for $1600 from a guy that "needed money ASAP" for his wife's tuition. He recently purchased two S&W PC 1911's for $1300.

His secret is that he has contacts and they know that he is ready to purchase when they send someone his way.

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SIG does their monthly giveaway. No deals better than that.
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Work for a gun shop. Particularly one that deals with used guns and buys their new product factory direct.

On the used stuff, the employees often get first crack at them if the owner doesn't want it for himself. You can negotiate a good price most of the time because it means a quick flip and little wasted shelf space. For new, well, a lot of shops will allow their employees to buy at cost; one of the perks for dealing with the relatively low wages for sales staff that the industry is notorious for (it's still RETAIL, after all). And manufacturers have incentive programs for FREE firearms (before taxes) as well as pro-deal plans that will allow employees to buy limited models and/or quantities at prices below dealer cost. Doesn't do your already meager paycheck any good, but it's a way to score a fantabulous price on that hard-to-find gun that you've been long lusting after.
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Cash in hand (or funds ready) and searching gunbroker, armslist, big online retailers, etc. Seem to work for me. Sometimes great deals show up in forums but you must be quick. Patience and timing like everything in life. I could have probably made more $ than I have saved by simply putting in some overtime as opposed to spending that time searching for deals.
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Originally posted by 12131:
SIG does their monthly giveaway. No deals better than that.
You just have to be the winner. Big Grin

Or the winner of one of your karma's.

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