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Green Mountain Boy
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1911s. I don't even remember how many I've had..Several times I talked myself out of them because .45s are too expensive and I should stick to 9mm, so I tried a 9mm 1911 and that didn't work out either..

At least I can shoot my dads 1911 when I need to scratch that itch. He never sells anything. Big Grin

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The guy behind the guy
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I used to do it with HK's. I love their ergos/grips, but I hate that stupid mag release. I know plenty of folks love the paddle, but I just don't.

The thing that finally got me to stop and not care out HK's was the M&P 2.0 series. It's ergos/grip are just as good as the HK in a normal mag release.

E.S. Dunbar
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I guess I'm lucky that I only have a few of the symptoms, but not the full-blown disease. I keep thinking I should buy a Glock. You know, because "You will buy a Glock". They are cheap, reliable, easy to work on, plentiful, etc. Heck, I even have several 17, 23, 33, and 47-round Glock 9mm magazines thanks to my PCC.

But then I hold one or shoot one and I'm reminded that they are ugly, I don't like how they point, I don't like the triggers, and I don't shoot them well. If I bought one, I'm sure I could work through most of that, but more than likely it would sit in the safe and I'd end up selling/trading it for something else. My FIL has three in various flavors, so I figure I might inherit some one day. Unless the disease takes hold.

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"Then a year goes by and I see a deal on one and think, hmm, maybe I should try one again. Rinse and repeat..."

I've been through over a dozen Glocks of various models over the decades. Keep wanting to like them but just can not form a satisfactory relationship with any. I. Do. Not. Shoot. Them. Well.

Hope this time I've found a cure.

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Walther ppk. I love the history and the James Bond movies, but the slides tend to eat my hand. Every few years I run across one at a good price and buy with the intent to keep it forever, but end up getting rid of it because they just don't work for me.
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Glock 19 and Beretta 92. In the last 3 years, I’ve had 5 G19’s and 4 92’s.....
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Also Glocks. I love the reliability, reputation, simplicity and aftermarket parts. I just can't get a good handle on them, they are too bulky and my hands are just small enough to never get the proper grip. And the trigger feels like a nubbin to me. I thought the Gen 4 would be better, but it is such a minute improvement as to not have bothered.

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I keep buying Glocks. I haven't sold them. I have multiples of most of them. At some point my kids will get them.

At present, I use the Glocks and carry them. I just bought a G23 police trade in that's very clean.

I bought a number of P320's and have kept a few for myself. One of my boys was back from the USMC for a few days recently and I gave him a P320 carry. I haven't sold any, but have given several away.

I've done the same with a few of my Ruger single actions, last one a Vaquero to my brother. I gave away a Walther PPQ earlier this year.

Generally I don't sell my pistols. I've bought a lot of them when I was interested in the pistol and wanted to own one or try it out. A lot of them are in multiples, as I have a hard time walking away from a good deal.

I own several Kahr P40's because they were a good deal, but ultimately proved unreliable (even after multiple trips back to Kahr). I don't shoot them and they've been in the safe for a long time, but I don't feel good about selling something that I don't trust, to someone else.
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Man of few words

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For me it would be H&K pistols. They are very nice looking weapons and feel good, but I just cannot warm up to them. I've bought and sold: VP9, P30, 45C & 45 full size. The only one I have left is my 2nd VP9 and I'm only keeping it because my son likes it and I'll gift it to him in a few years when he's a little older.
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I've had the same experience over the years. The Beretta 92 was that for me. Also, I've had several HK pistols I want to love, but just don't.

Also SigPro which I still own one of. Although it is a great gun, I just don't get excited about it.
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CMR-30. I want the thing to work, it never does.
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It's always been the P220 for me. I have owned about 6 or 7 in the last 15 plus years. I always seem to trade, sell or in one case gave one away. Honestly I have no idear why. I get on a "need more boolits" kick and off load them.

I made the commitment on my last P220 Carry acquisition to keep it for good. So far so good.
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• Over a 45 year period...
1911s - have had 17 - now have ONE
2.5" S&W M66 - have had 9 - now have ONE
3.5" S&W M27-2 - have had 8 - now have TWO
Beretta 92/M9 - have had 7 - now have NONE
Various HK pistols - have had 6 - now have NONE
MGs and SMGs - have had 4 - now have ONE (SMG)

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S&W 4006's. I always love them, but I set them free.

Looks like all the 3rd Gen's aren't showing up like they used to.

May have to keep the next one.

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I have owned a stupid number of P220s- Stainless (pre-beaver tail), DAK 2-tone, Stainless Match Elite, Super Match, Carry Equinox & Compact. I love the idea of the 220 but when it came to what to carry or compete with, I always go with something else. Ultimately I decided that my pockets aren't deep enough to have a bunch of guns I mostly look at.
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Sig PRO 2022. I think I've had three. THey're great guns, shoot well, accurate. I prefer the 9mm flavor.

But I just never carried them or shot them enough. They've been sold to friends or family.

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Nuts on P220. Owned a Equinox, Stainless Steel, Extreme, a regular, finally bought a P220 Legion Carry, thinking this would be my ultimate and last, but now thinking of selling to get a Stainless ASE..I think that I am going crazy
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G19 - I think I've had like 4 or 5 since I started this hobby. Somehow they aren't my favorite, but I always come back to it because I shoot it so well + reliability + aftermarket. @ this point I have one in my safe just to prevent me from selling it and re-buying one later.

357 Sig - P320, P239, G32, P229 - Love the caliber, but have had problems with the caliber in literally every pistol. Not with the ball rounds, but rather with hollowpoints. I've recently switched to 10mm and hope I'll have better luck here.

CZ PCR - Love the PCR but have sold it twice. I just find myself not actually carrying it.

M&P Shield - wanted to love it, had 2 sold both. The form factor simply isn't enough advantage over a G26 IMO, plus I never liked the trigger much.
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230/232 I have two of each right now and I got rid of one each that were not in the best of condition. I am looking for a 230 in 9mm Police and kne in .32 acp.
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Walker Colts percussion revolvers. I've owned 3 of them over the years. It's been a couple of years and I'm starting to get the shakes.
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