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Do you have guns you just WANT to love, keep buying, but then are among the first you sell to buy something else?

For me that is the Beretta 92 series. I must have owned 4-5 of them, and just traded into a M9A3. I really like the Vertec grip. It sure shoots well!

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Beretta 92’s and CZ 75’s. I want to like them, I just don’t shoot them as well as other guns.

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HK VP9. I try to like it, and I truly respect the platform, but it doesn’t fit any role for me.
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For me it's the Kahr MK9/Elite 03. I love that gun and I've probably owned 5 of them. I just can't find a way to EDC it over the many other good sub/subcompact choices.

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Sig P220, G19....
I've had 5 220s over the years, just can't warm up to them. Must have bought and sold, traded, 10 G19s, currently have one in my dresser drawer.
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I'm currently trying to unload my second HK45C. It's super accurate and reliable but it just doesn't do it for me. Hopefully I remember this when I go to purchase another one in a few years!
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The Sig 239 and 226. I have bought and sold several of them now. I like them, I want to love them, but I just don't.

Then a year goes by and I see a deal on one and think, hmm, maybe I should try one again. Rinse and repeat...

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Anything in .40 S&W. It's a running joke at my local shop. "Every year, bionic will buy something in .40 to remind himself why he hates .40"

Big Grin

Closest has been the gen 4 Glocks. I think three different 23s and two 27s. Very good, but not as fast or accurate in my hand as a 19 or a 26.

Beretta PX4C was probably a mistake I'd make again.
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For me it was slightly different. When I found a pistol I liked, I bought two or three of them in different variations/ calibers. When something "better" came along I would sell those and get several of the newest, "best" pistols. After a few more years, the cycle repeated itself.

I have done this with the P229, 239, 224 and 290. All in the search of my ultimate carry pistol.

I have not sold any of my classic all stainless 229s or my 229 duty pistol. I shoot them occasionally and still enjoy them. These I am going to pass along to my kids.

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S&W 10mm pistols. I kept buying and selling them, now I can't afford them.

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None. I learn from my mistakes. Wink
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SIG P232. I've only owned it once and still have it. But I shot one and the P230 several times prior and really didn't like very much how either shot. Then I come across one in really nice condition...oh, it's so purdy; I can make it work. Yes I can.

And that's all she wrote.

To date it's the only frickin' disappointing gun that I've caved to. Still don't like shooting it. But it IS a beauty.
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P229’s. Have owned multiples through the years.

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S&W 642/442, no lock. Had 1 of each, sold\traded, now on my 3rd (442 no lock). Keeping this one as the no lock versions are becoming fewer and far between.
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P226. Never fit really well. The front strap has always been a little slick shooting DA. The Legion SAO may be the ticket however. The single action flat trigger along with the small undercut and the legion grips make a more stable platform for me.

As soon as I liquidate some real estate I’m getting one.

TCB all the time...
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Originally posted by RHINOWSO:
None. I learn from my mistakes.


Insanity has been defined as doing the same thing over and over again, then expecting different results.
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1911's. I've had 7 of them over the years. I get one, love it at first, get annoyed with it, sell it or trade it for something else I want, then I miss having a 1911 and buy one to replace it. The cycle then begins anew.

Now I keep one just to keep the itch scratched. It's a Sig 1911 TACOPS. I wish I'd gotten the traditional slide model but everybody is making holsters for Sig 1911s these days. And I really do like this 1911 and it's one of the few I've owned that doesn't seem to care what type of ammo I feed it - runs like the Energizer Bunny.
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Non-German military Mauser 98 rifles.

I have a number of German K98k Mausers, which is one of the main focuses of my military surplus rifle collection, along with British Enfields and WW1/WW2 USGI rifles. But I also keep buying various other cool milsurp Mausers from other countries (Czech, Turk, Yugo, Belgian, etc.). They're neat, and comparatively affordable, but I rarely keep them for all that long. They're among the first to go when something more interesting and more relevant to my collection comes along.

Luckily, I have yet to lose money doing so.
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S&W model 625's. I love the 45 ACP moon clip revolver idea then when I get one, I remember they are the bigger & heavier N frame & I sell it soon after. Had far!

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I thought I was alone in doing this. But I see not so.

I bought a couple of M&P-9's, installed Apex triggers, etc., but never could get them to be as accurate as other pistols I own. I stopped doing this around 2012, although that was when they switched over to the 1:10 twist rate barrel and apparently solved most of the inaccuracy issues. (I've read posts where people say they had nary a problem with accuracy, but I did).

The M&P remains a very reliable and ergonomic pistol, and S&W has earned my loyalty over the years with their customer service. But I have no full-size M&P's these days...

But now of course there is the M&P-9 2.0. So I am tempted again.
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