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Thank you everybody for the continued contributions. The measurements really help. I’m gonna pull out a pair of calipers and go measure some of the pistols I have here.

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Originally posted by Scurvy:
I found that smaller guns aren't necessarily the best for people with small hands.

They tend to be snappier and since the grip is small, they don't have a lot of purchase and grip strength to hang on. They also tend to have heavier recoil springs I think which makes them harder to cycle.

I tried the same process when getting my wife a gun. She hated every slim, single stack I gave her.

She would up with a XD9 mod 2 which she loves. She still has a tough time cycling the slide though.

I had the same experience when we were shopping for my wife’s pistol many years ago. She is also five foot tall with very small hands. For her the HK P2000SK 9mm was perfect combination of small enough that she could grip it but large enough that she could control the recoil and shoot it well. It’s worth trying one out.

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