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It seems that most of the people who come to the Pistol section to talk about their P365 is doing so because they have had a problem.

I went to the range with the wife yesterday and we shot a few of my guns, plus I rented a P365. I loved it.

I have been hesitant to buy one (if I can even find one) because of reading some people's bad experiences. So, in trying to decide to buy soon or wait a while:

What has been your experience with your P365?

Nearly flawless since out of the box--would not hesitate to bet my life on it.
A few issues, but after break-in I'm confident in it.
Too many problems. Either returned to SIG without satisfaction, got rid of it, or use it sparingly because I can't trust it.
Sent it back after problems, nearly flawless since--would not hesitate to bet my life on it now.


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Although sometimes distracting, there is often a certain entertainment value to this easy standard.

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For real?
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Mine has been fine. Only a few hundred rounds in. Mostly Ranger 127gr +P+ since that is what we issue in 9mm for off duty guns.

Build date was May 2018.

I haven’t approved it for anyone else to carry yet until mine gets more time and rounds through it. Only because I use the P365 as a back up off duty and not the primary (my old glock 32).
Most of the guys buy the Glock 43 anyway since it’s cheaper.

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I can't vote in the poll, because the answers are too limited. Mine's been flawless, but there is no chance I'd bet my life on it continuing that way.
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My mid Feb build date has a little over 900 rounds through it. I have confidence in it, have qualified with it and carry it daily.

The second one I have was a June 17 build. It only has 50 rounds through it, so far, but no problems.

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I Am The Walrus
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I'm interested to see the comments as I would pick up a used one some day. Either that or a G43. Just not feeling it with my Springfield XDs.


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Mine has been flawless, however, I only have about 150 rounds through it. Mine was built in mid-March.

So far I really like the way it shoots and handles. I can shoot it just about as accurately as my P229 Legion. Do I completely trust it like I do my P229 - of course not.

I would feel a lot better if Sig could just come out and make a clear cut statement such as, pistols manufactured from XX/XX/XX to XX/XX/XX are prone to (name the exact issue)and can be sent back for an update, or something similar to that. Is it design related or process related? Does Sig actually have anything pinned down? If so, please tell us!

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I don't own a P365, but I work at a range that has one as a rental gun. We don't keep an exact round count on our rentals, but I'd guess our P365 has somewhere around 2,000 flawless rounds through it. And that's without regular cleaning and lubrication Wink

At this point we've sold 15 to 20 P365's, with two customers reporting problems. One gun had the rear grip pin back out, the other gun also had the grip pin back out along with feeding issues with various brands of FMJ. HP's fed perfectly - go figure.

We sent both guns back to Sig and the turn around time was 8 days and 10 days.

Sig replaced just about everything except the sights and the serial numbered fire control on both guns.

The gun that had feeding issues has been flawless with both FMJ and HP ammo. My customer is keeping a log and at last count he put 850 flawless rounds through it since it was returned.

I haven't talk to the other customer so I can't report on that gun.

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I have a very early P365. Mine had the RTB issue. I sent it back and since then it has been perfect. 1600+ rounds fired with more than half of that being defense rounds (including +P+) and it has been perfect.

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July build & 600+ flawless cycles all 124grain ... Daily carry now and full confidence

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Both are fantastic. I can't comment on my third yet.
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Up to 800 rounds now and still very pleased with mine.

It's been my EDC at work and BUG for the weekends.

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500 rounds through mine, no issues. I carry it daily. Date on box is 20 June 2018.

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Between 500 to 600 rounds flawless. Only problem ended up as my fault, but didn't know that at the time. Sig fixed it under warrenty, when Sig had it that was when I found out what I did wrong. Haven't had a chance to get back to the range since I got it back from Sig.
Finally got to the range and put another 300 rounds through it with no problems.

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Mine has been flawless for about 350 rounds. But would I bet my life on it? Probably, but not certainly. Because this pistol is unique in that the MORE you use it it seems like the likelihood of failure increases, not decreases. Any other autoloader with 1500 perfect rounds through it would be a treasured asset: this one, you are waiting for the other shoe to drop, be it the trigger return spring, striker breakage, or the other issues that don't present themselves early in the game.
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I shot a range gun at my LGS that was flawless. I’m planing on going by this week, I’ll ask how many rounds they estimate it’s been shot and if they have had any problems.


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Originally posted by FrankMoses:It's like the sweet little pup that you raise with your kids, and they play and love on each other for 5 years and then one day the dog eats one's face.

That's why one should never buy dogs, cars, get married, etc. You just never know and shouldn't take a chance.
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a coworker has 2,
one has 300 rounds, no issues
the other 600 or so , no issues,

a customer has 1300+ on his and no issues

the coworker was amused at some of the 365 threads when I told him about them on sigforum
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I'm pushing a 1,000 rounds without any problems at all. The more I shoot it, the better I like it. For a small gun, it's so easy to shoot accurately.

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My wife picked up her 365 2nd week of june(6-1-18 build) and put at least 200rds through it with no hiccups at all.Actually its her favorite carry gun next to her german 225. I know its not many rounds but everything I've read or seen online about all these problems, wouldnt Sig do some type of recall already?, or is it just bashers sig vs glock vs whomever or just random failures.The way I see it you can buy a new cell phone, vehicle, appliance, somethings going to break or fail eventually, hopefully not her sig.
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I didn't vote because "nearly flawless" didn't apply. Mine is from Feb 2018 with a little over 600 rds. I've used 115gr, 124gr and 147gr. Range sessions have been minimum 200 rds so it got hot and dirty. It's been flawless with White Box, PMC, Blazer Brass and Fiocchi and a variety of jhp.

No odd sounds from the striker, no spring marks on the magazines, no dead trigger and "primer swipe" doesn't bother me.


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