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Have you guys bought/installed an X-change kit, what are your thoughts?
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Do you have any particular kit(s) in mind?

I have a kit to permit shooting 357 SIG or 40 S&W ammunition for training with a P320 full size that left the factory as a 9mm pistol. It works fine with either alternative cartridge, and I use it regularly. The grip module and fire control unit of the 9mm are exactly the same as those of guns originally chambered for 357 or 40.

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I have never purchased a Caliber X-Change Kit, but I see NO need for the kit (P320 version anyway) to include a Grip Module and a Magazine, as those parts/accessories are 'typically' readily available anyway.

I purchased a P320 RXP Compact a while back, and immediately changed out the Grip Module for an X-Carry version. I've since acquired a half dozen complete Upper (Receiver?) Assemblies for the P320, and there's NO way I'd need an add'l half dozen Grip Modules!

IMO, they should just sell the complete Upper Receiver Assemblies instead of the kit, which would be less SKU's to manage on their end due to all the 'kit' variants that exist the way they currently market them. Seriously, it's a 'Modular Pistol' by design....As in, Go-Go-Gadget Pistol! Razz

Now, what I could REALLY use is a couple more FCU's! Wink


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I've got a p226 .40 that has a 9mm XChange Kit semi permanently installed on it. That gun is 9mm 80% of the time. The majority of the remainder it has a .357 barrel in the .40 slide. Runs flawlessly in all three calibers.

I've got a 9mm XChange kit for a p320. It also runs as well as the original slide. Not really surprising as the gun was designed for swapping slides.
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I've done three on P320 pistols and had no issues with reliability or accuracy. Difficult to answer specifically without knowing which platform/caliber you're asking about.
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I have a couple. I have the .22lr for my P229 and it is ok. Really picky on ammo. However, I have the 9mm kit on my P226 and it has been flawless. I wouldn't have any qualms about recommending getting one.

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.22lr kits for P229’s are going for $650 to over $700 online. Amazing!

I’d love to have one for my non rail P229 but not at anywhere near today’s prices.
I’m guessing Sig would want another pallet load of them to release a few at a time.

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I have a 9mm xchange kit on my P226 40 frame and have shot probably 5000 rounds with not one hiccup! Wish I bought one for my P229 when they were cheap.
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I have 4; a P226 XFive X-Change Kit, a P226 XFive Skeleton X-Change Kit, a P226 XSix X-Change Kit, and a P226 XSix X-Change Kit in .22 LR. Lets me mix and match my X-series frames and get over 25 different combinations.

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