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Just mobilize it
Well it didn’t take long into the new year for me to succumb to newgunitis. I knew telling myself to wait and save for something big like a SCAR 17s though these sick deals keep popping up on guns that I didn’t even know I wanted!

So I am on a little FDE craze this last year. A lot of you hate the “baby poop” G19x, but I love it. I also love looks of the Sig M17, so of course I picked one of those up as well. Well I was just in my LGS the other day and I picked up a Smith and Wesson M and P 5” FDE 2.0 and I was immediately in love with the grip and pointability of the gun. Since the one I held had the safety I passed though learned they made these things without a safety so of course I researched where the best place to get it from was and found a company called grabagun online. Only $405 plus $8 shipping!

Came in a regular cardboard box as my Shield and M and P compact 22 did, with 3 extra back straps and 2 mags. Fit and finish is very good, excellent in fact. Surfaces are smooth and controls are solid, with a very good trigger out of the box, measuring about 5# 5oz. As mentioned before, the texture on the grip is great! For a range gun, the 2.0 texture is great and it locks into the hand well. The 5” slide feels well balanced and hopefully will track well with live fire. Not a fan of 3 dot sights though they are metal and have a slight shelf on the rear for possible one-handed manipulations. I’m definitely a Glock guy though the M and P’s are growing on me all the time.

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Give us a range report when you can. I'm seriously considering picking up a compact 2.0 and standardizing on my carry rotation.

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That’s a nice looking M&P! I don’t mind the baby poop color of the G19X, either. As well as mine shoots it could be pink and green and purple and I’d still like it. Besides, my G19X matches my M&P 15 with the FDE Magpul furniture I put on it.

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Nice price on that one!
My nephew bought a lightly used full sized 1st gen m&p 9 as his first gun a couple weeks ago for very cheap.
I’ve never owned a poly gun until the 365 but I have to say, that m&p is a great piece. Someone had already done the apex sear/spring kit to it. Shoots and feels excellent.

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Just mobilize it
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Thanks guys yeah it was too good a deal to pass up. Hopefully she shoots as good as she looks!
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Nice score. A really quality striker fired pistol. Unlike some, I like the thumb safety.

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you're to be commended on your strong willpower, congratulations.
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Very nice! Been looking at the M&P 2.0 myself. Sounds like you got a real good deal on it. Let us know how it shoots.

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Had a few of them get gone because I hesitated. Lesson learned.

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A buddy of mine just bought one like yours and he got a great deal, too! Not as good as you because he bought his from Bud's Online, but not a bad price ($450?).

On the same day, another buddy of mine brought in his new CZ P10C. I don't want to get flamed, but in a side to side, the Smith just wreaked of quality and the P10C...well, not as much. It seemed...more cheaply made than the M&P, and not as nice as their P-07.

My only gripe about his M&P like yours was that the trigger wasn't real good. It had a "dead spot" on in the initial pull and stacked before the break, but it was certainly manageable.

Congrats on your excellent new handgun, even with the baby poop color! Smile
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I have the exact same model. Picked it up early last summer as soon as I found one without the LCI or safety. I swapped the sights for a set of Dawson’s with a fiber front, put and APL on it, and swapped the trigger to the Apex flat face kit. I absolutely love the thing. Extremely soft shooting and easy to shoot well. You will not be disappointed.
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