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I am interested in improving the trigger weight/pull on my CZ 75 Compact PCR. In reviewing the offerings for complete spring packages there are many from Cajun Gun Works, MCARBO and CZ Custom Shop.

I want a reduced "combat/carry" weight and not a "target/competition". I am very competent at disassembly/reassembly custom work, but this is my first CZ and am not sure which kits are considered the "best", most reliable and/or easiest to install with capture pins/clips/etc.

CZ Connoisseurs - What is your spring kit recommendation for quality parts, instructions/videos & ease-of-install?

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Mcarbo is cheapest but it’s just a spring change. I’m not a fan of CZ custom but I paid for a pistol once (PCR) with their trigger work and it was marginal at best. 10 years later I removed every one of their parts and installed Cajun Gun Works Pro package. I now have installed that package in 4 additional CZ’s. It’s a great package.

The decocker sear cage is challenging the first time you change out springs. Watch the videos and ask some questions. First one took me hours. Last one took like 20 minutes start to finish. There are a couple tricks that make it easy. Also buy a spare spring or two. The fpb lifter spring is a tiny bitch. Easy to lose or destroy. Easy 3 bucks for a spare or two. Also you will want the right tools. Namely the correct size punches, a slave pin or similar piece, a dental pick or something modified to act as such. Do that it’s not that hard.

So to recap. CGW Pro package. The reduced reach portion of it alone is genius. If you go this way and want “help”, feel free to email me.
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