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P229. Back when I got my P226 I thought they were the lesser, uglier duckling.

Since then I've bought four of them and still own two.

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In early 2000s, I purchased a NIB P225. I don’t think I shot it more than once with barely a box of 50, then put it away. In the last few months, and with range trips with other pistols I have been taking the 225 to shoot and compare with the new p225 A1. Now, after more than 500rnds, I carry the P225 with great confidence and comfort in a Blackhawk Check-Six. The newer p225A1 is in the safe.
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For me it was the 230/232. My brother in law had a Walther and had problems. I have always loved the look of the Walther. I happened upon a 232 at a shop and picked it up. I was hooked but did not buy that one. It took awhile and I missed out on a few nice ones. I now have two each of the 230 and 232.
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For me, it's the P320. I own a bunch of SIG classic pistols and never really considered one of their polymer pistols.

When I saw that the Army adopted a version of the P320, I thought I would pick one up just because.

After shooting it I thought "Hey, this is a pretty good gun!"
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I mocked the shit out of it, for being DAO and plastic and failing the FAM trials.

Now I have several, and it’s one of my most used CCWs.
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Cogito Ergo Sum
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P250. Sure surprised me how comfortable it was to shoot and the nice trigger.
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Hard to say, but in the wake of the P320 panic, I have more 320's than any other Sig type. I didn't know a lot about them other than I thought they were unattractive, until shooting one at an Operation Specific training course a year ago, I thought I might try one, and ended up buying a few.

Most of mine are back from the upgrade now, just got another back yesterday. I've dumped a case of ammunition through them without any hiccups. I can nitpick at them (lots of small, delicate-looking parts, ugly, etc), but when pointed downrange, they work as advertised and I cannot complain about that.

I've had Sigs for a long time now. I like them. I've bought a few more in the last months...226, 229, 239, 320, etc, and I'll buy more this year if the right pistol comes along. I just gave some away. The striker P320 is great. The double action pull on the P series is great. Ergonomics is great.

I have some 2340's that I bought just because they were available and the price was good; they're worn and beaten. Poor man's P229 for the time. I'd like to find .357 barrels for them; I guess they could be the ones that I didn't think I'd love, but I still don't. I have no reservations about them; they're good pistols, but don't do much for me.

I guess if it's pistols I like more than I thought, either the P320 or Legion 226.
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p6.I cant remember the wholesale seller,but they were selling for 270 a gun about 6 years ago.Minimum of 5 guns.I bought 5,and sold 4.Like an idiot i traded the last one to my dealer.One of the top ten guns in my life i should have kept.

A 226 sport,with comp.I had 3 and was offered an amount that was crazy more than what i paid.Soft shooter,but heavy.I really miss that gun.

226 sport,no comp.Only a couple hundred ever imported,super smooth,same story,sold it.

Not proud of some of my gun sales.Some has to be sold to pay medical expenses.But i could have found something else to sell and kept these guns.
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My first semi-auto and my first SIG.
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P220 DAO. I ridiculed them until last year, when on a whim I bought a cheap well-used one. It grew on me. The more I use it the better I like it.

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The old 220s with the heel-clip mag release in 9mm and, eventually, .38 Super. Thank the small gods of shooting that I picked up the idea from a thread here before the costs went wild and magazines (largely) dried up. I talk up the 2022 a lot these days, too.
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I searched for a few years for a P228 and settled on an M11-A1, which I thought at the time to be the best Sig ever, until I held a P225-A1, now my all time favorite Sig.
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The P220.
What an out dated pistol that would surly be made obsolete by the P227 and P320 in .45acp.
Then I held a P220 Legion. It's my Excalibur.
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I've always been smitten by Colt 1911s since the early 1980s. One particular pistol that I remember fondly was a SIG P-225 in factory nickel, with factory wood grips, complete with test target, factory green cardboard box and all the rest of the paperwork. It came with 6 or 7 factory nickel magazines and all made in Germany. I purchased the pistol from a LGS in Woodinville, WA and sold it for more than double what I paid for it to a collector in Issaquah, WA. It was the only SIG that the collector didn't own. For me it was fun and profitable to help a fellow collector. A beautiful firearm.
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34" Scale 5-String
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For me it was the P230. Being a .380, I wrote it off as something I would never need or want. Now it’s my #1 favorite SIG of all time! Despite the lowly caliber, I just love the thing more than any other SIG I’ve ever owned! Weird, huh?

Bill R.
North Alabama
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I went to a Crossroads of the West gun show in search of a 9mm target pistol. One dealer offered a NIB X5 Comp, which I'd never heard of at that point. Love at first sight. After a Robert Burke action job, and Hogue G10 checkered grips, I love it even more.

Note to self: Don’t clutter threads with gratuitous posts.
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P229 C SAS
In 40 cal
Shorter barrel one
Best gun ever made
My first semi auto
But I just started shooting about 2yrs ago,
Go figure.
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P250. With all the abuse thrown this model when it came out, I never took it seriously and didn't buy one. I owned and liked a couple of its siblings, a p239 and a p220. Then I shot a P250sc and really liked the trigger, the size and the weight of the gun. Now i have a P250sc in .45 that I carry frequently and is one of my favorites.
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I remember when they showed up in droves a few years back, and should've picked one up then, but didn't want to bother with a single stack Sig that wasn't a 220.

I grabbed one this last Fall, and am completely in love with it.
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