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So several years ago I bought a S&W Shield on a whim. It was on sale so I figured why not...I bought a G43 as well...but I let that go. The Shield is just better for me.

Since then it has become my favorite CCW. It shoots like a much bigger gun, carries well IWB, and is plenty accurate. I even carry this at the desk on duty.

I personally think this is the finest pistol S&W has put out. I may even buy a second one. I also heard it was the #1 selling gun in the US for 2016.

Anyone else love the Shield...

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Yeah they are nice.

For ME:
DA/SA= Sig 9mm
Striker fired= Glock 9mm
If it's a .45= 1911
Suppressed= HK in .45
I like anything in 10mm

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Yep. I've been carrying one for about a year. Just added the Apex trigger & sear and now I like it even more.
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I tried to like them but failed. I've owned 2 different Shield's over the past few years and couldn't get into either one of them. One had the manual safety, the other didn't.

They were 100% reliable, but couldn't shoot decent groups with either one and I went through a bunch of different ammo types and weights.

In the end I still carry a Baby Kahr or even a J Frame from time to time....

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Yep, Shieldnis a great gun. I really love its feel, and look, with extended magazines.

Recoil is very manageable and the gun is very accurate.

The new aM&P 2.0 is pretty awesome also.
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Happy with mine.
Shoots and carrys well.
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The Shield40 is my winter EDC and one of my favorite guns

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The Shield9 is also a great gun

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I recently attend a basic handgun class and at least 50% of the people who were in that class had a Shield 9mm.
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I bought a Shield 9mm when they first came out, and have since traded it away. It was a very nice pistol that was accurate, reliable, and very concealable. I just wanted something more at the time.

Oddly enough, my wife recently saw the $75.00 rebate for the Shield that is currently being offered. She told me I could buy another one if I wanted to.

Well, I hope good things come to those who wait because I decided not to replace mine for now, and bought a swimming pool for my kids instead. I'd say that's a good trade off. Perhaps some day a deal will fall in my lap as a result. I dunno.

Regardless... The M&P Shield is an excellent pistol, and one that I should have kept hold of.

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Recently purchased a Shield 45 and had the Apex duty/carry trigger installed. Very pleased so far. Looked at the Shield 9 a few years ago but already have a 9c so never made that move. The 45 looked nice figured I would give it a try and the $75 rebate made it even more attractive.
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Picked one up recently after renting one at the range. I was really impressed with it and with the $75 off it was hard to beat. I'll probably swap out the sights for some XS big dots and just keep shooting it a bunch Big Grin
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Had one for years. Pocket carried it daily until a few weeks ago, when I went back to a SIG P238, which just fits better in a pocket.

I think it's a fantastic subcompact, single-stack 9. I find it's better in most ways (except overall size) than the Glock 43.
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I prefer the M&P Compact myself. Not much bigger than the Shield, better Ergo's, IMHO...

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I would have tried it more seriously if it didn't have manual safety.

Buy the time S&W came out with a no-safety model, I was happen with my Walter PPS 9MM.
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I'm a fan, I've carried one for the past 4 years. S&W got a lot right with it and it's a ridiculously good deal with the rebate.

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Ordered a no safety 9 yesterday. $225 delivered was too good to pass up.


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I have had a shield for 5 years.

I have 3,one in each truck,and one i ccw in church,etc.

I have had a bunch of neck fusions,and cannot take any recoil.I tried 20 to 30 guns over the years.just about every high end 9mm gun made,i owned.Hk,sw,sig,cz,pointman.

All of those ere nice guns,but when i shot the shield,i could not believe how soft and gentle it felt.My sons also agreed.

The sheild is the best gun sw has made in years.the pos m&p series will be gone in a couple years.I went through 12 m&p guns,along with my 2 neighbors,who are state patrolman.They could not get any love for the mp in 9 or 40.

But the shield is a different story.I talked with the head engineer at sw about the shield for an hour.The gun has SHORT LIGHT SLIDE.DUAL RECOIL SPRINGS.PERFECT 8 ROUND GRIP.

and for 225 you cant go wrong.The shield being so good makes up for the mp being so bad.
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Shields are great. So are all of the other singlestackpolywonderwannabe 9s. They do a superlative job at reinforcing the reasons WHY I instead carry a compact Glock G23.

I've tried to like and believe in these subcomp guns. My safes contain a number of them, though no Shield. Shot various examples a handful of times though, tempted but never bought. Yet alas, I have no problem carrying a G19 or G23 and I do vehemently prefer the mag cap that either of those two bring to the table.

Sure I admit that the skinny tykes are marginally more physically comfortable to carry, but it's the comfort to the mind that forever rules my destiny. Nothing does it quite like ample quantities of firepower, without the need for frequent reloading.
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The Shield I currently own is terribly inaccurate.
At 7 yards using a two handed hold with careful trigger control, 6" groups are the norm.
If the groups were consistent, like low left or high right, I would think I was the problem.
But one shot will go one direction and the next totally opposite, there is no consistency.
The only other polymer pistols I have owned that were as equally inaccurate were an early XD-9 and XD-45 prior to their "match" barrel series and I dumped them years ago.

In contrast, when using a Glock 43 (which I don't own) a SIG P-938, SIG P-320, Glock 26 or Kel-Tec P32, I can rattle off an entire mag as fast as I can pull the trigger at that distance and get better groups.
As much as I was once a Glock "hater" and still dislike a majority of them, I ended up with a Glock 26 as a primary carry weapon.
The 26 also conceals/carries better on my physical frame (5'10", 156 lbs, snake hips).

I had considered selling the Shield but the recent price drop would only get me pennies on the dollar.
Perhaps a trip back to S&W for warranty work is required.

Regards, Steve
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