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For clarity and ease of information, the following will remain stickied.

Basic information about the P320 upgrade and what you need to know:

If I see a P320 in a display case and want to buy it, is it likely the retailer has sent it back?

New guns are available already upgraded, the trigger bow is distinctly thinner. Unmodified guns have a trigger that is thicker in profile, and these are still available.

Are upgraded slides backwards compatible with non-upgraded FCU's?


Was any change made to the configuration of the trigger other than the thinner profile?

No, all aftermarket triggers will work with the upgraded FCU, only the weight of the standard trigger was reduced. That is why the flat X5 trigger is not being replaced.

So for those of us in Connecticut, you're going to have to bring your P320s to an FFL to be forwarded to SIG for the Voluntary Upgrade. It will be returned to the same FFL for you to pick up.

Is the P320 X5 in need of voluntary upgrade?


I have an LE/Mil contract gun but am not LE/Mil, what do I do?

If you have a certain serial range, the US Consumer page will tell you that you have a LE/Mil gun. They are referencing a contract run, not your personal info.

Just enter NA and no's in the LE/Mil form and submit the form.


For housekeeping, the original thread is here.

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