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Im about to pick up a used 229 in .40 cal., what do i need to get to convert it to .357 sig

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A barrel chambered for 357 SIG.

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I believe the .40 ships with a number six front sight and the .357 a number eight (not positive, don't think it makes much difference at fairly close distances. I converted my 229 .40 Legion to .357 with just the barrel which dropped in.
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The difference in sights between the .40 and the .357 theoretically results in a 2" difference in POI at 25 yards which you may or may not notice. Other than that, all you should really need to change is barrels.

I would also note that when I buy used, I usually get a parts kit and re-spring the gun since I have no way of knowing the previous round count or maintenance.


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Avail thyself of a pile of .357 SIG ammo if you have not already - .357 and a P229 is a wonderful combination.

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Another thread:

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Just ran my P229 in 357 SIG today as a matter of fact. Some of the guys I work with didn't much care for the DAK trigger, but I find it to be excellent. All it took for mine was a barrel swap. Everyone who shoots it comments about how accurate it is regardless of whether they like the trigger. I love my P229 DAK 357. It actually is better on my arthritic hands than my issued P220 .45 ACP.

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To those of you who dropped in a 357 barrel in a P229, where did you get them? Is it the same barrel in a M11A1? Thanks.
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The answer to most any SIG part question is topgunsupply (TGS).

The M11-A1 is a P229, but it's only 9mm. To do 9mm in a .40/.357, you have to buy a BarSto conversion 9mm barrel. SIG factory won't work. Even then, I personally wouldn't use it outside of the range if converted to 9mm.

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I just received a Sig .357 barrel for $ 155.00 from here
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did it years ago. Got my barrel from Sig. never had any issues, other than slowly causing me to go deaf.
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