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Own one? Shot one?



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I own one, don't shoot it as much as I should, but nowadays I can say that about alot of my "stuff". It's a great revo, very accurate, and cheaper to feed of course, than its big brother, the 629. Unfortunately my 627 has the ugly assed lock on it, but prices of the pre-lock models are unjustified, imho. The lock has never given me an issue, but some people tend to over exagerrate the potential for probs, which is another discussion completely. The trigger is nice, but not as nice as my reworked DA only 625, but again, different purpose. Frankly I find the detachable comp pretty ineffective. Although you would think it would be helpful with the hottest .357 magnum loads perhaps the perception of its usefulness may lead one to think it is actually doing something. I would think if the venting in the comp were larger, perhaps its effectiveness wouldn't be so questionable. I do love my 627, but it does get very high scores for its cool factor.
Alternatives, any other 8 shot revo.

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I just have a 627. personally don't think the 500 dollar increase is worth it. But I haven't shot the v comp
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I have an earlier one, a 627-3, which I’ve owned a few years now. It was a very good target gun with a nice trigger. As apf383 already stated the comp didn’t seem particularly effective. But with the longer barrel and overall weight recoil was still very manageable, even with hotter loads. If I had kept mine original I would have at least changed out the front sight. The plain black one from the factory wasn’t the best for target work. I don’t know if the newer models are using something better, but that should be an easy fix.

I sent my 627 back to S&W after shooting it a few times. It needed some repair work done and since it was there I had them put a new barrel on, changed its character completely.

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