Sig P210-DK M/49 box identification

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November 30, 2019, 10:55 AM
Sig P210-DK M/49 box identification
I recently came into a blue box with a dark grey foam insert marked on the lid in white as per my subject line. There is also some kind of crest or shield pictured.

The label on the side is marked:

17.004 P210-DK M/49
Kat. D: Mit starken Gebrauchsspuren
Kal. 9mm Para

Waffennummer: 18152

What can you tell me about this box?

November 30, 2019, 01:24 PM
From the internet, lavartus prodeo:

The post World War II era found the Danish military and police agencies searching for a new sidearm to replace a hodgepodge of issue weapons ranging from the Bergmann-Bayard to the Husqvarna m/40, the Swedish-made variant of the Finnish Lahti L35. To this end, SIG offered its SP 47/8 for testing and evaluation in 1948. It delivered the first shipment of the ensuing Danish contract m/49 later that year to the Danish Haerens Tekniske Korps (Army Technical Corps). The subsequent shipments were designated for the Danish Forsvarets Krigsmateriel Forvaltning (War Materials Administration). Each pistol carried a special marking comprising a Danish crown over the agency initials HTK or FKF. The first m/49 pistols featured walnut grips with horizontal grooves and block sights zeroed for 30 meters, as distinct from the more typical 50 meter zero found in other P210 variants. Later pistols utilized checkered grips of black plastic. Further m/49 variants omitted the lanyard ring or included a loaded chamber indicator. The least common variant, created for the Danish State Police, used an aluminum frame. Danish m/49 pistols have their own serial numbers ranging from 0001 to 16607 HTK, from 16608 to 25513 FKF, and from 35025 to 36441 HTK.
In 1995, nearly all of the pistols produced under the Danish contract were repurchased by Hämmerli and classified as follows:
Category A — Used, original polished finish, very good condition;
Category B — Used, original matte finish, very good condition;
Category C — Used, factory reconditioned in matte finish;
Category D — Used, original fair condition.
Category F — Used, upgraded by Hämmerli.
Packaged in new gold-printed blue cardboard boxes featuring the m/49 designation under a Danish Crown, the m/49 was released into civilian channels. Each box bears a small white label on the side of its top, identifying the pistol’s original arsenal grading, serial number, configuration, and chambering.
December 01, 2019, 08:23 AM
David Lee
That was great information GaryBF. However, let there never again be another aluminum framed P210. Dont get no ideas Sig.
December 01, 2019, 02:10 PM
Thanks. Looks like your Google-Fu was better than mine.
December 01, 2019, 03:16 PM
Originally posted by David Lee:
That was great information GaryBF. However, let there never again be another aluminum framed P210. Dont get no ideas Sig.

It was a prototype series of only 10 pistols.