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Picked up a P320 Subcompact in 9 mm a few weeks ago. October 2018 build date.
This one had the contrast sights that I want to swap out to XRay 1’s.
Gun shot well with the factory sights, and has the typical combat hold.
Before placing the order, I measured the sight heights. Although there are numbers on them, they are so small there is no chance I can read them.

Rear sight measures .230.
Front sight measures .200.

My expectation was rear .250, and front .220 (8/8 combo).
.030 difference between front and rear, so I am assuming the 8/8 replacement sights will work, but the height of the factory sights are confusing.

Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance.
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SIG isn't consistent with sights like they used to be, at least on the P320 platform.

Many have reported either 6/8 or 8/8 sights on the P320. Of the four 9mm compact and subcompact I've owned, it was 50/50. I left them that way when I converted to night sights.

You're probably aware that SIG used to install 6/8 for .40s&w and .45acp, and 8/8 for 9mm and 357sig.

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I have two 9mm P320 carry models. One has a 6 front/8 rear, the other is 8 front/8 rear. I'm not sure why they did this, and under normal circumstances it wouldn't be a huge deal, but I've been shooting at 50 yards a lot lately, and it concerns me a bit because it could cause a point of impact variance at longer ranges.
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My subcompact 9mm X-change came with 8 front/6 rear night sights.

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