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Well, not the way I would have liked to receive the pistol but a close family friend recently passed away and his wife gave me his prize pistol. "You're a gun nut like he was, so I know you'll appreciate it."

Anybody familiar with these? I've always wanted a 1911 but have never gotten serious about it. Now I have a beautiful one and don't know a whole lot about it.
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Sorry for the loss, condolences to the family

While I do not own a Grand Raptor (yet), I own and have been shooting Kimbers for quite some time. Actually got the first one (now long gone) in 1998

I have had no problems with mine and find that they are very accurate and reliable. My Kimber Super Match is one of the most accurate 1911s I have ever shot.

Some of them are also very attractive

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Great gun. I have a Classic from about '95. You will love it.
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Perfectly fine, serviceable full size (Government) 1911 with adjustable sights.

- It has a full length guide rod, which is useless with regards to function/reliability and makes it harder to disassemble. Watch a YouTube video for suggestions on how to disassemble with a full length guide rod, or go on eBay and buy a Colt standard guide rod and plug. Your fingers will thank me later.

- Get some good magazines. Wilson Combat makes a decent one, but you'll hear all kinds of opinions including Chip McCormick, Tripp, etc. Hard to go wrong with one of the enhanced Wilson Combat models.

- Shoot it, enjoy it, take it apart, put it back together, swap a part or three. 1911s are fun guns.

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