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I want a used G19, but I am Cheap. Login/Join 
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I picked up an old Gen 2 Detroit Police trade- in Glock 22 40 frame several years ago. I already had a 17 upper here and IIRC, all I did was swap the ejector assembly over. It's functioned great but I have very little actual cash in the pistol. CCR refinished the slide.(couldn't resist the sale!)

Stock Glock barrel on it. Did have a Lonewolf custom longslide 9mm barrel on it at one time though....

So when the cost is added up, I still have a gun that is not factory assembled for as much or more as factory assembled.

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Have a LoneWolf 40 to 9 barrel in my 23 and 19 magazines works flawlessly.

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EDC depusm ?
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Originally posted by Bulldog7972:
Originally posted by 911Boss:
Lone Wolf conversion barrel, 9mm magazines.

Was flawless in my G23 and probably the lowest cost/easiest way to do it.

I did the same thing and have never had a single malfunction but I'm afraid to EDC it because everyone tells me I will have malfunctions.

Mine was EDC for a few years, then became my “motorcycle gun”. Never worried to carry it, probably the most shot gun I had at the time. 1500-2000 rounds of 9mm without a single failure.

Not finicky at all, and for the record I am pretty lazy when it comes to cleaning guns. Only clean/lube after multiple range sessions. I’m a fan of TW25B grease cause it lasts longer than oil.

Some folks don’t have a clue as to what they are talking about.

If yours has digested a few hundred rounds without issue, no reason to worry.

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You should not use a conversion barrel for self defense. Your life is worth more than that. Conversion barrels are for target practice.

To the op I would just buy a new/used G19 and sell the 23. Or keep it as a spare.

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